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Interactions: Best way to make friends in college. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Interactions: Best way to make friends in college. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Seniors to the rescue

A popular senior student at college was my schoolmate. I walked in with him. My own classmates, who were as nervous as me, were impressed by my friendship with the popular seniors and came forward to befriend me. So my mantra is — “Look out for the good hearted senior and open out”.

VENKATESH RAMESH, III Year, B.Com (A&F), Vivekananda College


Let it melt

In the last year of school you are a senior; everyone there recognises you. From that comfort zone when you step into a college you tend to get lost. At college, which is definitely a much bigger institution than school, it is difficult to carve a niche for yourself. But not to worry, as you will find your own group of peers with the same mental wavelength. Remember the other first years are also sailing in the same boat as you! You will make friends in no time who will form the crux of all the fun you will have in college life. You do not have to do anything special to ‘Break the ice'; give it some time and the ice will melt on its own!

S. ANAMIKA, I Year, B.A.Economics, Stella Maris College


Just have fun

First few weeks at college will give you some worst and best memories which you can cherish for a lifetime. When you enter you college have a friendly attitude, smile at all your classmates, don't feel shy to approach them, make friends with just a “hi” and “hello”. The advantage of making friends soon is that you can move around in a group and escape your seniors. And if at all they catch you, have fun doing things together. Who knows, might become with your senior too.

Ragging is a platform to get to know your seniors. You'll have your chance next year.



Take the initiative

Last year, when I started out as a fresher, I had many apprehensions about college life. But it all turned out to be a fairytale, thanks to my ever-friendly pals and seniors. When I was in the first year, I utilised many opportunities to mingle with them. The competitions and seminars which I attended served as a platform to interact with them. I spent much time with them during inter-collegiate events and they all became my best buddies. And ragging was not at all a problem, thanks to my college which has an effective Anti-Ragging Cell.

S. SOWMYA, I Year, B.Com, S.D.N.B. Vaishnav College for Women


Communication is key

Communicating your way through, by being firm and affirmative is the best way to “Break the Ice”. Students must realise that in due course of time they'll need each other and would be working collectively on various events. This realisation ensures a fruitful college life and helps building long-term relationships.

MANISH N. GABA, Graduate, Madras Christian College


Trust thy seniors

Thanks to our college rules, “ragging” is well out of my dictionary. But breaking the ice depends on the seniors. Some may be silent, some annoyingly haughty and unwilling to help, while some will turn out to be warm. Boost your confidence with the friendly gang; and trust me, they will guide your way forward.

V.ANNAPURANI, B.E. First Year, Sri Sairam Engineering College


Middle bencher

I would just go and sit in the middle bench of whichever class I am allotted to, neither front nor back. I guess I will go ahead and introduce myself promptly to my classmates and seniors, whose help we can't afford to lose. This I believe gives us a bit of confidence and a head start in forging a friendship.

S. NAVIN, Madipakkam


A wise way

Falling into unpleasant ragging traps during your college life is almost inevitable. Your seniors may be really irksome and infuriate you but just turn a deaf ear to all their lampoons. Quarreling with them should be your last resort by doing so you are just sowing the seeds of vendetta. If possible befriend those fiends.

R. SAI SHRUTHI, PSBB Senior Secondary School


Talent to the fore

My idea of breaking the ice is by exhibiting my talents with a good presence of mind. This can be anything like drawing, dancing to their tune, flattering the seniors and by giving them a good impression of myself. I will also be willing to do thinks they ask me to.



Smile's the answer

As a student, I will remain confident. If my seniors ask me unusual questions I will patiently reply to them, by which I hope it will be easier to befriend them. Ragging has now come down in many colleges and nothing big will happen. If it happens I will confidently smile for any problem and I am sure I will enjoy my college days.

SUGARNA PRIYA G., II Year, B.Tech Textile Technology, Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University


Healthy common interests

In my case, ragging was not harmful since it was hilarious, friendly and didn't intrude on my rights. Good friends can be made by sharing certain healthy common interests in return for invaluable guidance, growth, motivation and support, to gain multidimensional learning experience both on the academic and social front.

VASUPRADHA MAHADEVAN, B.E C.Sc., SRM Easwari Engineering College


Just do it!

For many people, it's back to college, for others it's a beginning and for me it's done. Knowing new people can never get boring, and in fact its inevitable, keeps happening all the time. The best thing to do when being ragged is to do whatever they say. It's not very violent these days. It only ranges from the crazy bum dance thingy, acting like a hen to wearing miss match clothes. It's fun when we think of it after the ragging days are over, plus it's an easy way to catch friends. But in the end when we walk out of college, we walk out with our head held high, really confident, a mature and a better person; isn't that all what we need at the end of the day?

P.K. PRIYA DHARSHINI, Women's Christian College


Open to interaction

Unlike school, college life is a completely new scenario, something inevitable in our lives and the best way to deal with this successfully is to adapt to it. I'll break the ice by sweeping over my shyness. Ragging can never be benignant to freshers so I'll just stay cool and calm and never think that I'm too feeble and never be sensitive. I'll greet my seniors with a smile and maybe that's the easiest way to introduce myself and encourage open dialogues so that I will find myself soon amidst good pals.



Be friendly

With peers don't hesitate to take the first step to go and introduce yourself as this is a nice gesture of being friendly. And with seniors start with enquiring about the college, your subjects and the cultural events that have been scheduled. All these to a great extent can prevent ragging and can also get you a few friends.

KRITHI GNANASEKARAN, II Year, B.E. CSE, Jeppiaar Engineering College


Handle with care

Getting along with peers and seniors is like falling off a log to anyone who can give an instant smile and a ‘hello'. It is important to portray yourself as a friendly and ready-to-help person. Handling difficult people would require a lot of patience and the seniors come under ‘handle with care' category. College life is all about fun where relationships are to be carried with ease.

AISHWARYA E.V., Final Year, St. Peter's Engineering College

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