All for Sachin!

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There are very few people who look the same on screen and off it. Dhanush is certainly one. Now making a mark with his singing Dhanush has come a long way since his foray into films a decade ago and has managed to keep his boy-next-door image intact. NXg caught up with him just as he finished shooting a song for his idol Sachin Tendulkar to celebrate Sachin's 25 years of association with Boost. Excerpts from a free wheeling chat:

Do you idolise Sachin?

Of course! Who does not? I have never met him but I know I will. What Rajnikant is to films, Sachin is to cricket. I am a big fan so when Boost chose me to do this, I accepted.

What made you sing for Sachin?

It was my chance to salute the maestro. The song is a peppy music video in which a band waiting for their train decides to jam to kill time. Seeing a poster of Sachin they decide to salute him for his stamina and his achievements. A feel-good song, it was shot on a single day. It's a song close to my heart. There can never be another Sachin. Despite Kolaveri Di and knowing that I should not take chances with its growing popularity, I agreed to do this only because it was SACHIN.

Any memorable experience of Sachin that inspired you?

I can't really pin it down to any one act. I know there are many other cricketers and all of them have given their best to the sport but, let me be honest, I would have never done it for anyone else. I have grown up worshipping Sachin, reading about his performance every day in the papers. He's my favourite; in fact he's the poster boy in almost every household.

You sing, act and write lyrics. Is this a trend or is it just you?

I really don't know. The fact that one song has reached an audience around the world is proof that we have a chance to try our hands at things we could not have imagined five years ago. Now we are able to experiment because of the versatility of the medium. The trend is there but how far it'll go, we will have to wait and watch.

It's very important for celebrities to connect with the audience. What's your preferred medium?

For me it's my films and songs. I know good work will pay. Public forums also help. For anything else there's twitter. I know 140 characters can get my message across to all my fans.

Kolaveri Di has made you an international phenomenon. How has it changed things for you on the personal and professional front?

On the personal front, it's taken me away from my son. I am not able to spend time with him. On the professional side, I feel honoured by the reaction across the globe. With so many hits on YouTube and so many versions, it feels surreal. It's opened up many doors, but I will take it slowly; one at a time.

Rapid Fire

If you had to address “Why this Kolaveri” to anyone or anything what would it be?: Right now only to “3” and the character Janani.

Favourite song: Ponni po from “3”

Favourite actor: Jack Nicholson

Favourite movie: “Cinema Parodiso”, “7”, “300” and “Apocalypto”

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