A fool in love

Fools in love. Photo: Satish Badiger   | Photo Credit: SATISH BADIGER

That does it feel like being a fool in love? Well, before I get to that, one must understand the types of guys in love. And yes, I am writing this from a guy's point of view.


The first type is the one who goes straight out with his love. These are the bold in love types. They can come out of any rejection easily. The next are the creepy, stalking types who after a rejection or break-up will swear revenge. I call these guys, the jerks in love. Then comes the type I like the best, the fool in love.

What sets apart a fool from the bold and the idiot? Well, for starters a fool's story is interesting to hear and fun to share. A fool doesn't stalk his love. He is just content with what he sees in his love, and doesn't go about rummaging her past or keeping tabs on her every movement. He doesn't need to know anything more than what he knows and loves about her. A fool is also never too bold in his love. He does not propose until he finally feels he has made a connection and until he is truly ready. For a fool in love values the smallest of her smiles and bits of conversation he has with her, than knowing the answer for his love. He is afraid to lose her.

But the fool really does get interesting in his pursuits. He will always associate her image in his mind with a love song. He will talk about her all day, much to the annoyance of his friends. Speaking of friends, they do form a major part of the story. Friends of the fool and the girl either help the fool or tease them both or just don't give a damn.The fool will be so obvious around her, that even the girl's friends will know he is in love with her, except for her, of course. It is funny that everyone notices when the fool is in love except the girl herself (or does she not?). But, this only encourages our foolish hero. He is comfortable with her not finding it out too. But, this is all until the fool finally decides to propose...

Happily ever after

We wish for a happy ending and so does the fool when he proposes. He has been really careful to make a connection with her. He has always been with sher when she needed him and even at times when she didn't (Ah! the fool). He truly and dearly loves her and he does fear rejection. But when things really turn out well for the fool, it is a truly “...and they lived happily ever after” moment. The fool will ensure that.

But what happens when it is a rejection? Our fool isn't bold enough to come out of it easily. He isn't a jerk either to swear vengeance and bad-mouth about her all over the place. He is a fool, and like all fools he believes it was his mistake that he got rejected. He will miss her badly, and he will still respect her very dearly. He will go on with his life and move ahead all the while leaving a very big part of him in the past. Something will always be missing. And it is only by a miracle that fool will ever find true love again. But miracles aren't a rare thing for these fools, and when he does find it again, it is bliss all over…

KISHOR LAKSHMINARAYANAN, Graduate Student, BME, Arizona State University

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