A break-up is not the end

Sitting on a lazy Saturday afternoon I asked myself a question: What happens to people after a breakup? I could've answered the question myself based on my own experience ibut I was more interested to know what others have to say. Hence I wrote to all my friends requesting them to answer the question and, to my surprise, within two hours I received more than 30 responses. I sat down and began analysing them one by one and found most of them were similar except for a few.

In my case I blogged for several days, jotted down all my feelings instead of talking to others and earning their sympathy. Love is the best feeling anyone could experience but at the same time when you can't protect it, don't crumble into pieces because life must go on come what may. Of all the love in this world the love for oneself is the greatest of all. Yes, no matter what happens you would love yourself more than anybody. Love is always around us, it need not necessarily be in a boy-girl relationship; instead it can be within you for yourself.

The first few days after a breakup I will guiltlessly indulge in chocolate. Intense workout in gym and cooking is also on her list, but she refers these as tips to forceful recovery. And if someone is looking for an easy way out, a shortcut, she says thinking about some other cute guy is safe as long as he doesn't end up being a rebound. Lastly, in order to keep one's thoughts intact she recommends solving a Rubik's cube.

Mahalakshmi Shanmugam, USC Marshal School of BusinessCalifornia.

I would watch an action film and release all abhorrence and resentment against her through it. And later eat some ice-cream to cool down and come back to normal.

Sijon Thomas, System Administrator-TCS Chennai

Anyone would cry and spend lots of hours listening to music. This wouldn't help in most cases because once you're done with this process his memories would pop back into your head. Therefore I would spend hours pampering myself. Love yourself more than he ever loved you. Pamper yourself with all that you ever wanted, that may be anything but make sure to get it come what may.

Vandana Singh, HR Executive-Aricent, Bangalore.

I always best to sit back and reminisce about the best moments of the relationship. Indulging in other things will only make one shift focus on something else but not get over the pain of a breakup.

Kriti Chaturvedi, Deloitte, Hyderabad

A new haircut always helps to get over a breakup. After a breakup when you look at yourself in the mirror you need to see yourself as not the girl who just went through a breakup instead as someone who recently went through a makeover.

Aishwarya Guha, PR executive, Gurgaon

I would spend most of the time with kids besides hours of shopping. Pets will also help in recuperating in such times and if you don't have a pet then go to a friend who has a pet, this way you also get to spend time venting out to someone.

Anshu Yadav, Deloitte, Hyderabad

Spend time watching lots of movies, shop as much as you can and eat ice-cream but not just by yourself instead with some other girl. This way may be you can't over her instantaneously but at least will have someone else to focus upon.

Rohit Mehta, MBA graduate from Bangalore.

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