Stay stylish, boys!

Fashion is no longer a woman's domain. S.S. Kumar  

There being a dozen designers at every nook of every city, it's no surprise then that women are jaded by fashion on their priority map. The darker sex though is as ambiguous about it as it was a century ago, why even the male celebrities aren't spared due to their fashion short-sightedness. ‘Well groomed' ranks high in a woman's must-haves, so it's unfortunate that we just don't catch a glimpse of any such male species around us. Most teenage boys learn the ropes blindly aping their male icons! Like when John Abraham ushered in the whole casual-messy gunjilook, colleges starting resembling baniyanads!

What began as high waist figure hugging terrycot pants with shiny shirts in the 1950s have remained pretty much the same only going slightly low waist, baggy and the shirts going matt. What is it about the style and men that just doesn't seem to gell?

Pick a cart

Idolise Justin Timberlake/ Shahid Kapur but can never manage his look? Indian men score a minus in fashion, defining the term ‘Mama's boys' and how? With the mommies still doing their shopping till the wife comes, naturally they're going to be wearing fossils! Take your sister or a gal pal shopping for that important second opinion. Take extra care to pick up well fitting trousers; getting them stitched is generally the best option, that way you get a perfect fit. Short shirts are the way to go, why tuck those loose ends like a masterji.

Limited budget? Pick up fewer trousers, basic black, khaki, grey and splurge the rest on good quality shirts. Leaving the top two buttons open is sexy (you don't need a chiseled body); just wax your chest first! Dressing well always creates a great first impression; so whether it's your first day of college, a date or that work interview pay attention to your wardrobe; half your job is already done!

Colour me red

Silver, metallic green, blood red, murky brown are some colours boys strut around in proudly without knowing it looks terrible on them. It's important to colour match your clothes with your skin tone; a tan, luckily, can carry of anything. Darker melanins should stick to neutrals like white, navy, pastels while the fairer ones can experiment with pinks, greens and even oranges. Fond of colour but can't carry off one whole piece? Play colour peek-a-boo with your accessories like shoes, glares or bandanas.

These days even boys have access to fashion stylists; if you have the moolahthat's great, but I think it's important to include a certain personal quirkiness to your look that gives a man ‘substance'

Under the moonlight

A common blunder is stepping out for a party/dinner in work/classes attire; so what if you're going straight from office, always carry a change along in your duffel.

Change your look by slipping into butt hugging jeans (since that's your nicest attribute!); you will never go wrong with the basic blue; the sporty kinds can experiment with the faded look. The workout freaks, those tight fit tees will guarantee you second glances; those carrying some flab keep them looser. Don't forget that musky body spray; a great smelling man is always noticed. Add a cool neck piece, an eye catching belt or a bright headband and you'll have the ladies hovering like bees!

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