Hair scare

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If you were asked to vote for the guy with the best haircut in town, will there be even one candidate worthy of this honour? Have any of you observed an uncanny hair fact - most guys have exactly the same haircut all through their lives! Starting right from school and even if they experiment a little in college, its back to the same old chop-chop ritual ever after. Look around at the men in your own life - husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, friends - all of you will be startled to find yourself looking at similar hairstyles on all of them. A haircut defines our entire look , so why don't our boys pay that a little extra attention. After all, it can only add to their suave quotient. Why do even studs who take care to keep everything else about their appearance immaculate, conveniently neglect the topmost part of their anatomy?

Cropping it close

Having been sent to their ‘thele wala naavi' by their mommies (could be trend ignorance) all their school lives, stepping into college and checking out the competition makes them play with those locks so as to draw some attention. Most mistake the long haired grunge look (read Hrithik in Dhoom 2) for just growing that hair aimlessly, complete with knots and split ends, and then simply shaving it all off, when ‘ girls-love-the-bald-look' does the rounds. Trying out something new ends up with colour horror, when they apply their sister's skin bleach to get a blonde look, or worse; grabbing their dad's hair dyes or henna packs; their version of streaks. Agreed, we are all strapped for cash and can't visit the fancy salons when in college, but you can just get creative with home solutions like asking dad to snip of the ends. Regular men's salons aren't too off budget either, just ask your barber for some free advice during the haircut and he'll be more than happy to comply.

Do it right!

Long locks look pretty sexy, especially on those with an oval face, provided you do get the look right. Thick hair is a pre-requisite for this one. Those with withered roots , don't even bother. Let the hair grow till it starts curling at the nape, and then ask your hairstylist to restore it to order. The crew cut (my personal fave) suits most face types and is ideal in this current summer heat. Those with exceptionally large faces can give this one a skip and opt for something that conceals their forehead. But those mushrooms cuts with girlie bangs are a strict no-no; ugh! Only a well chiselled face with oodles of attitude and self-confidence can carry it off well. But why try it when you're young, because as luck might have it, you could be forced to do it a few years later!

Gimme ‘blue'

A sprinkling of highlights or a few bold streaks could work for some, and no, it's not unmanly to do so. Do away with the same old browns and try out some blues, purples or even pinks in just a dash so as to not overdo it.

Just brush the ends in a cool blue. Accessorize your precious strands for a glam visage, like those with longish hair that small ponytail at the end or that abstract printed headband which is great when you're having a bad hair day (boys do carry them off better!)

Take care

Take the Garnier catchphrase a little seriously. Yes every once in a while your hair needs some pampering too. Preferable ask a lady hairdresser to suggest a good quality shampoo and conditioner depending on you hair type.

It is not wise to just pick up any hair product off the rack, and you never know how it will affect your hair. Don't douse your hair with gel and other hair products (it can cause long-term damage).

A slight whisk for a party is the limit. Also get a tel maalish (oil massage) every other week, if not more, to condition the roots and scalp. This is also a stress buster. Monthly trims are a must as they help in hair growth, so don't skip those. Remember that your hair is what catches a girl's eye first, so take your hair care a little more seriously, boys!

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