Game for a date?

Snapshot from Blind Dates past. Photo: Special Arrangement  

Just past the mid-week crisis and with one more day to go for the weekend, a date awaits you. A blind date, mind you. But minus the rude shock and boring conversations. All you are expected to do is sit back, push back rather, relax and enjoy as the movie titles light up the screen.

Yes, it's a blind date with a movie at the movies and, maybe, accompanied by a real date as well who is of course not imperative to enjoy the experience.

The Blind Date at Satyam Cinemas and now at Escape as well has been a regular feature every Thursday since 2006 and 2010 respectively. If it's been on for so many years, there must be something to it that keeps the audience coming. NXg made a date too last Thursday, out of sheer curiosity.

Fun times

Having made it just in time for the movie, we missed the pop quiz on cricket conducted by NDTV Hindu. The Blind Daters who got the answers right won themselves Blur! passes. Never mind, as there's always something more and new at a Blind Date, we're told.

Once inside the movie hall and settled in our seats, a chirpy emcee grabbed our attention up front. She asked questions that got us guessing the movie to be played or even random ones like which year was Blind Date started or the couple that stands up first, holding each other and says 'I Love Escape' wins a heart-shaped choco cake! A little embarrassment for a yummy chocolate cake is worth it we suppose going by the number of couples who vied for it.

Through the questions we realised the movie that was going to be played was “How do you know?” The girls were happy and the boys didn't mind, after all they knew what they were getting themselves into. It's always a gamble at Blind Date and always a premiere - only movies that are yet to be released are screened.

“I have watched movies in Blind Date that did not release for two to three weeks after I watched,” said Lakshman, a working professional and a Blind Date regular. “The premiere factor is what keeps me coming.”

For Shruthi, a college student, it's the surprise element that works for her. “Other movies you read or hear about them before you go, but here you have absolutely no idea what movie is going to play so the chances of you knowing about it are very less.” But what if a movie of a genre that you don't like or not in the mood for is played? “I will sit through it as I anyway come prepared for it,” is her reply.

Fortunately for us, the movie turns out to be enjoyable and so was the whole experience. Oh, we almost forgot the free pop corn and Pepsi that was served at our seats.

At the next Blind Date (the evening show every Thursday) don't expect the same; every time is different with different surprises in store like free movie vouchers, interaction with a celebrity or a free massage. Keep guessing...

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