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The Carrie Diaries : Candace Bushnell  

Title: The Carrie Diaries

Author: Cadance Bushnell

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: Rs.229

Snobbish girls with the ‘ooh-so perfect figures', strikingly handsome guys who are dumb beyond imagination , the ‘ever so loyal' friend , the awesome guy you just can't fall in love with, the brat of a younger sister, the best friend who lets you down and virginity. This is probably what we read in every other ‘coming of age' novel. Yet the refreshing voice and the tone of the book does make ‘Carrie Diaries' special.

The Carrie Diaries is referred to as the ‘coming of age story' of Carrie Bradshaw, a character from the ‘Sex and the City'. It's a prequel to the book Sex and the City and explores Carrie's life as a small town girl. The book ends with Carrie arriving at New York and calling up Samantha Jones.

Carrie is an ambitious girl with feminist ideology and does not fancy being pushed around. She has a mind of her own and aspires to be a writer while her friends are more interested in getting the guy of their dreams. The book revolves around the usual teenage issues that any girl of her age would face like boyfriends, backstabbing and the pressure to fit in.

The book has other interesting characters, of which my personal favourites are Walt and The mouse. Sebastian - the bad guy whom Carrie falls for and George - the polite, sweet guy who keeps waiting for Carrie, ends up in a love conflict.

Chick lit

Carrie Diaries undoubtedly falls under the ‘chick lit' category and definitely does justice to its genre. The book gradually picks up speed and the style of writing is clean, making it an excellent read. The strong character of Carrie who never gives in to peer pressure is impressive. The best part of this book is that anyone can relate to it easily as each and every character depicts an emotion that we face in our life everyday! There are definitely a lot of good moments in the book where the author's sarcasm works well.

The author thinks ‘coming of age' is all about hormones; she concentrates only on stuff that would do well commercially. The emotional transition of Carrie has not been handled well and her revenge, towards the end of the book is rather childish! Although the book claims to be about how Carrie evolves into a sharp insightful writer, it turns out to be just another high school chick-lit!

‘Carrie diaries' is a complete entertainer and an exciting read! I would highly recommend this book if you really love fun reads or if you are looking for a break. For all those hell-bent on reading serious stuff that could teach you something, stay away from this book!

Nandhitha is a Std XII student at Chettinad Vidyashram

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