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L.B. Sriram

L.B. Sriram  


Senior actor and scriptwriter L B Sreeram is producing a web series of short films titled ‘Life is Beautiful’

Character artiste and comedian LB Sreeram doesn't have a publicist or a casting agent. He has taken it upon himselfto not only promote himself but also spend time in a constructive way. “There is never an expiry date for a writer or an artiste; give them a cameo and they spring back in action,” says Sreeram.

Also, in keeping with the current generation’s preferences he has produced a web series titled ‘Life is Beautiful’, derived from the initials of his name.

The first of the series will be out on May 30, his birthday. For the series, Sreeram has written, acted, directed and produced around 10 short films that last for about four minutes each. “I am looking to upload around four films every month. Right now they are in the post-production stage. I have come up with this idea not just because there is a dearth of roles but there is no real comedy anywhere in films. The sentiment is nil.. avasaraniki (for necessity) there are one or two scenes and after the film you will feel that there is no satisfaction in the journey undertaken. Opportunities in movies have gone down, but there is enough time and my energy levels are high. Since You Tube is for the current generation, I want to connect with them there,” he says.

One of the finest actors in Telugu movies, he is also a writer. Ammo Okato Tareeku was a script that he wrote and gave to director EVV Satyanarayana, though he turned to acting. He has an impressive repertoire with 16 years in drama and 28 years in films.

Adding more on the Youtube series, “I can’t ask a producer to invest on this web series where each story lasts for four minutes. I have concepts and I am sure I will get a grip on the execution as well. I don’t expect likes and comments immediately and I have a fair idea of how it functions. I can’t afford to rope in famous artistes for the film, so I am playing the lead in all of them. It helps to show I am still an actor and am capable of a lot of work.”

The stories in the series connect to relationships and with people from different walks of life. He quips, “The first one is called ‘Second Innings’ and I might send to afilm festival. In Prasadam, the protagonist is a Pujari and his son in America renovates the temple in their village without taking a penny as a contribution from anyone. Arati pandu kobbari chekka tho kadupu nimpukuni koduku perigaadu (The son grew up by filling his tummy with bananas and coconut pieces). The coins that came as dakshina helped him go to USA; and he funded his education with that money. After settling down, when the son asks his father to buy assets in India, the father advises him to spend the money on the temple that raised him. Chinna chinna bhavalu, expressions untayi (There will be small emotions and expressions). The stories link generations past and present. The freshness in the concept is in bringing back to life the old traditions, culture and attitude that are dying. Just as people remember Malgudi Days, I want them to encourage too.”

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