In search of happy feet

Your search for glowing feet ends here

Your search for glowing feet ends here  

Manicures and pedicures where hygiene, and not just pampering, is the focus

We all like our hands and feet looking pretty. But we also like them squeaky clean. So a manicure and pedicure that not only look at filing and painting you nails, and buffing your weary ragged feet, but also looks to prevent fungal infections, and uses single use-and-throw tools is a welcome step.

Trust the French to fuss even over the fingertips and nail health. Jean Claude Biguine, with its new classic manicures and pedicures is hoping to bring in a practice, where hygiene, and not just pampering, is the focus. They have tied up with South Africa’s all-natural Bio Sculpture spa products for these mani-pedis.

At their salon in Bengaluru’s Lavelle Road, there’s no better day than an icky-sticky rainy one to give their treatments a try. Aesthetician Noyieng Beni begins the pedicure with an anti-fungal pre-treatment to prep the nails (and the web of the feet) and prevent any mould or fungal infection.

Nails are neatly cut and filed into either oval, soft square, or square shapes! The cuticle cream comes on next (apparently infused with collagen amino acids, tea tree oil and lavender) which softens both cuticles and skin – moisturising dry, brittle nails to prevent any cracking up. It also makes pushing the cuticles back smooth and easy and the nail-paint stay on longer. When the Peditrix foot polishing tool is whipped out, I’m all excited. The therapist uses the electric foot file like she’s almost sculpting my feet, and I’m not complaining! I’m told it apparently removes the dead skin around the foot and heel areas quickly and uniformly, compared to a manual foot scraper. “All our nail grits and feet polishers have disposable grids, which prevents contamination that’s inevitable with nail filers and foot scrapers. Our therapists are trained to wear gloves and mouth masks while performing the service as well as use sanitisers pre and post every appointment. We also sterilise all our metal tools in our UV sterilizers, post every service and wipe down all guest chairs / foot basins and hand bowls with anti bacterial solution to prepare them with utmost care for the next appointment,” explains Shannon, highlighting their hygiene practices. Therapists are trained to analyse nail conditions, advise and treat them in a more educated manner, she adds.

Back at the footbath, after the prepping, comes the welcome soak.

The potpourri aqua soak that’s used in this service is a mild blend of rose petals and potpourri for you to warmly relax your feet in.

We’ve all rigorously scrubbed our feet with a hard pumice stone at some point in our life. But, real pumice is expensive, softer, and hard to find says JCB’s business manager-beauty, Shannon Gomes. So their spa products use powdered pumice in the scrub! The Bio Sculpture apricot kernel scrub is an exfoliator complete with botanical oils, apricot kernels, pumice and urea, I’m told — your tan and grime is gently scrubbed off.

And if you fear your feet will be left dry and panting after such a vigorous cleansing, a quick light massage with a body butter rich in ricini oil — (apparently a derivative of castor! So there, grandma always knew best) It just does the trick and gives you glowing soft feet. The massage is developed to improve blood circulation. A dash of bright pink nail enamel and your happy feet are ready for Bengaluru’s monsoon-y footpaths.

The classic manicure is priced Rs. 750 and the pedicure Rs. 850. This service is available at the Jean Claude Biguine salons in Bengaluru (and Mumbai). Call 25702222 (Koramangala), 41514000 (Lavelle Road).

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