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The Iftar spread at The Capital. Photo: Hari Shanker R.   | Photo Credit: Hari Shanker R.

The month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset, is observed all across the world with devotion. After sunset, one breaks the fast through the ‘Iftar’, which usually starts light with ingredients such as dates, water or kanji, followed by an elaborate meal. Iftar could either be a quiet affair at home, or an Iftar party. These days, many families choose to dine out to enjoy their Iftar meal, thanks to a neat array of Ramadan-special offerings in many restaurants in the city. We decided to try out the Iftar meals of Sindhoor Palace, Kowdiar and The Capital, Pulimood.

“One of our signature dishes for the nombuthura is the ‘Masala Kanji’,’ says Maharoof Keloth, manager of Sindhoor. “Along with the kanji, one can choose a variety of items including cutlets, samosas, or fresh juice followed by other items in our menu for the main course and dessert. In fact, we also cater for Iftar parties, on demand,” he adds.

Fascinated by the Masala Kanji, we decide to start our meal with the same. “Nombu Kanji is one of the most popular dishes for the nombuthura,” mentions Yogesh Pradhan, the chef. “Our version of the same is prepared by mixing rice with dry red chilli, curry leaves, masala powder, mustard seeds, coconut oil and coriander leaves. One may also add chopped carrots, onions, and tomatoes,” he explains. As we expected, the kanji proved to be the winner of the day. It was not only tasty, but was also nutritious and, in fact, whetted our appetite as well.

For our main course, we ordered appams with chicken stew and chicken 65. The appams were soft and tasty and the savoury chicken made it taste even better! The chicken 65 also went well with our palate. We concluded the memorable meal with lime tea and a gulab jamun with ice cream.

The Capital also offers an elaborate fare for the month of Ramadan. “We have a dedicated nombuthura package, which includes a piece each of the unnakkaya and the ilayada, along with cut fruits, dates, badams and a glass of faloodah, for Rs. 100,” explains S. Hari Hara Sudhan, general manager of The Capital. The hotel, which has three banquet halls, also undertakes Iftar party orders.

After a quick look at the menu, we decided to have the nombuthura package, followed by a set of Malabari delicacies. The unnakkaya was delectable. The ilayada, another traditional recipe, was also mouth-watering. After having the faloodah, we ordered our main course, which included a smattering of prawns masala, Travancore chicken curry, beef coconut fry and mutton biriyani.

Cooked in traditional Malabari style, the mutton biriyani was superb on account of its flavours and aroma, not to mention the juicy chicken pieces. The beef fry and the prawns masala were quite scrumptious. The Travancore chicken curry, with its yummy chicken pieces and garlic flavour, turned out to be the highlight of an unforgettable Iftar dinner.

The Capital: 9995809884/ 9995809885/9995809888

Sindhoor Palace: 0471-3306666

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