I want to be a trendsetter: Arfi Lamba

Actor Arif Lamba. Photo: Nagara Gopal  

Arfi Lamba’s life seemed to conform to all the ‘right’ norms – he successfully obtained an engineering degree and landed a stable government job. But the small-town guy had other plans. He wanted to make it big in films and it was only when he moved to Delhi did he realise that he could make a mark in Bollywood.

“I think I was born to be an actor. My role in Slumdog Millionaire was a cameo but it did expose me to cinema and took me to Cannes. I then did Prague which was a very niche film. Fugly happens to be my first out and out commercial film; it has all the masala and also a strong message. I’m very happy I picked up a project that made sense,” says Arfi.

Incidentally, Kabir Sadanand, the director of the film and Arfi’s close friend, had discussed the project with him several times without ever really offering him the role. “Finally one morning when we were at Delhi airport he asked me how I visualised Aditya (the character I play in the film). I for the lark of it told him that the character would probably be able to tell which pot would suit an individual by looking at their backside. Kabir liked the idea and cast me,” says the actor, who plays a guy whose family business is to sell ‘latrines’.

According to Arfi he plays a guy who one can easily identify with. “He is a big fattoo but knows that his friends have his back. Aditya is the comic relief in the film and will make people laugh even when he is crying. His character evolves the most during the film,” he smiles.

However, he is nothing like Aditya, confesses Arfi. “I’ve been a protected child but I moved out for further studies when I was 16 and I have travelled quite a bit by myself. For me to get Aditya right was a lot of work. But Kabir, who is a wonderful actor himself, helped me out a lot. I think my performance shines because of him,” says Arfi, who always wanted to be an actor.

“Everybody in my family is very well educated. I’m probably the only one who is not a double post graduate,” says the actor who had a blast while working on Fugly. “We’re a very young team and got along very well. So while we had a lot of fun we also got reprimanded if we didn’t do well. In fact, Kiara (who plays the female lead) and I would always be goofing around,” he laughs.

What worked out the best he says is that he made some wonderful friends during the making of the film. “I know that we’re all going to always be there for each other even after this film. I’ve gotten along really well with Mohit, Kiara and Vijender and we’ll always look out for each other,” he says.

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