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Everything we do with our body is a mirror of how our mind works. Your handwriting, for example, is a graphic representation of all the layers of your psyche. How you organise, use and maintain your physical spaces is a reflection of your emotional intelligence. Your posture is the primary indicator of your mood and how you feel regarding yourself. Learning to tap into the strength and intelligence of our mind-body complex is a master key to happiness, emotional well-being and physical health. But, a large number of us do not understand the wealth of intelligence that we have access to. Take our posture, for example. Most of us sit with slouched backs, tense shoulders and protruding heads. This causes a whole load of health issues like improper breathing, irritability, headaches and pain. We can blame this on the stress of our desk jobs and too much commuting, but it remains that poor posture is caused by weak muscles. All it takes to break out of the vicious cycle of pain and lethargy is to start with small but effective exercise routines. The following routine is an effective one for those of us who live with pain in the wrists, shoulders and back and suffer from shortness of breath and headaches.

Shoulder Circles

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

Bunch your fingers together and place each set on its respective shoulder.

Create circles using your elbows both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Do this eight times each way.

Golfer’s Grip with Arm Circles

Golfer’s Grip

Roll the tips of your fingers to their respective bases.

Stick the thumb out and make it straight.

Recreate the same posture on the next hand too.

Arm Circles

With the golfer’s grip in each hand, raise your arms up to shoulder level and hold them out sideways. Your palms should face the floor.

There is a tendency in most people to tense their shoulders and keep them elevated. Keep reminding yourself to drop them and keep them relaxed through the movement.

Gently move your shoulder blades together.

Move clockwise and make dinner plate-sized circles with your arms.

Do this 20 times.

Take a tiny break and now move anti-clockwise 20 times.

Breathe normally through this.

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