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Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose).  

Sciatica is the debilitating and shooting pain that travels down the length of an inflamed sciatic nerve. It originates in the lower back and extends to the feet.

Sciatica sufferers also complain of mild to severe lower back pain, difficulty in sitting or standing for extended periods of time, weak leg muscles and in extreme cases, loss of bladder and bowel control. The sciatic nerve is pinched and held down by weak or tight muscles of the lower back, causing oxygen deprivation and numbness in the leg that is affected.

The pinching is exacerbated by excess weight in the region, the habit of wearing high heels, dehydration and lack of muscle tone. Pregnancy can cause the body's centre of gravity to shift which puts additional pressure on the muscles of the back.

Sometimes accidents like falls and automobile collisions also contribute to the complication.

Recovering from sciatica can be achieved through a smart workout routine that strengthens the back and stretches the leg muscles thoroughly.

The core muscles that support the lower part of the spine and the hips also need to be strengthened. Adequate hydration and nutrition will reduce inflammation and boost healing of impacted tissues. Daily practice of the following Yoga posture will release and realign the structures in the lower back and legs, which in turn will prevent further onset of the condition.

Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)

Caution: Pregnant women and those suffering from hernia or severe back ailments should avoid this pose.

To be practised first thing in the morning or after a bout of pain.

You will need 2 yoga mats placed one on top of the other for cushioning.

Come on all fours with your knees and your hands shoulder-width apart.

Keep your spine as straight as possible.

Exhale, hunch your spine and bring your left knee close to your chest.

Tuck your chin into your chest and draw your belly inwards.

Keep your arms and the other leg steady so that your body doesn't sway.

Now inhale, push your chin upwards, arch your back and raise the bent knee upward such that your foot points towards the ceiling.

The above constitutes one round.

Do eightrounds on each side.

Lie flat on your back for two minutes to rest.

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