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This conch is the bearer of good health

Dull, lazy, lethargic, tedious, this is how many of us feel on a regular basis. The limbs feel like they are made of stone, the mind is unresponsive and you literally have to peel yourself off the chair if you need to get anything done. Causes could range from improper sleep and nutrition to depression and chronic stress. Intervention is required so that the body doesn’t slip into stress-induced ailments. More than the body it is the spirit that takes a beating. Hence, intervention need not be medicines and forced rest, it can be simple things like eating wholesome food, taking power naps and short walks, watching comedy and the following routine which can be done a number of times during the day.

Modified Tadasana (Mountain Posture)

The solar plexus is the region in your thorax that is home to several congregations of nerves that supply the organs. Gentle stretches and twists to this region activate these nerves and provide a boost of energy to the brain and remove dullness. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and toes pointed forward.

Raise your arms over your head, bring your palms together, breathe in and gently arch your upper back.

You should arch only enough to get a gentle stretch in the region below your chest.

Exhale and bring your arms back down.

Repeat five times.

Shankh mudra (Conch Shell Gesture)

I find that mudras work on the same principles as hand reflexology. The nerve endings of the organ systems populate the surface area of the hands. So positioning fingers in a certain way activates corresponding parts of the brain. The Shankh mudra activates the regions of the brain that encourage focus, concentration and creativity.

Bring your hands about three inches apart with the palms facing each other.

Point the left thumb at the right palm.

Wrap the four fingers of the right hand around the left thumb.

Place the right thumb and the left middle finger together.

The resulting formation of your hands should roughly resemble a conch shell.

Place this mudra on your chest, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing.

Hold this mudra for up to two minutes.

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