‘There’s no secret to fitness’

“I loved playing sport, particularly basketball, when I was growing up, and I always had a passion for helping those around me. It was these two passions combined that led me to study personal training at the Australian Institute of Fitness,” says Kayla Itsines. The 24-year-old creator of the popular Bikini Body Training Guide programme then worked in a women-only personal training centre, moved to mobile personal training (training women at their houses) and then opened up her own personal training studio in Adelaide.

“All women are beautiful, and every one of them deserves to feel confident. I am very passionate about helping women develop a healthy and maintainable lifestyle for the long run,” she says.

Excerpts from an e-mail interview:

What sort of research went into creating your own programme? What’s the main focus of your workout?

The main focus of my programme is to help women become fitter, stronger and more confident. My Bikini Body Training Guide (BBG) is a tool to help women develop a realistic habit and consistent routine, without spending hours in the gym. The 28-minute training sessions allow women to get the most out of their training session in a small amount of time.

It was a combination of the experience I had gained throughout my personal trainer career and months I spent researching that helped me develop the Nutrition HELP guide, based on the recommendations within the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE), and BBG, based on a combination of science-based exercise concepts and my own style of training.

How long did it take you to come up with a comprehensive plan that works on all body types?

I trained (and still do) all of my clients using 30 minutes of high-intensity, plyometric resistance training. These clients ranged from 17-year-olds through to more than 65-year-olds, mums, girls who were already fit, as well as girls who had never done any type of training before. My clients started to see the results that they were seeking, and most importantly, began to feel confident.

They were all doing the same style of training and were achieving amazing results. This proved that no matter what their age or fitness level, these women could achieve the results that they desired with the right type of training, as they could train at an intensity that worked for them and their body.

How easy/difficult is it to be accountable for oneself while working out at home? How do you help your clients and those who follow your online guides to motivate themselves?

I’m not going to lie and say it’s a walk in the park. However, once your body begins to develop a routine, people really will find it a lot easier. In terms of working out at home, all that BBG requires is the space of your own body and very little equipment. I always tell my clients to take progress photos. I believe it’s so important to focus on your own health and goals, rather than comparing yourself to others. There’s nothing more motivating than your own personal progress. Also, if you’re struggling, find yourself a gym buddy so that you can motivate each other and keep each other accountable.

How has working on your digital presence helped boost your programme?

It’s been amazing being able to reach and form relationships with so many girls from all over the world. I believe that social media is a fundamental aspect of any business, as it gives you the ability to reach women everywhere. The #bbgcommunity is an uplifting and inspiring community of women that would not exist without social media. I love that it has allowed women to see the relatable healthy lifestyle journeys of women worldwide, and realise that they too can achieve their health and fitness goals.

Do you have many clients from India?

Yes, there are girls in India using my guide! I love this and I’d love to travel to India to meet and train with all of these BBG girls! It would be a dream come true.

Do you have a fitness mantra?The secret is there is no secret. I don’t believe in quick fixes or fads. It’s about a healthy, maintainable lifestyle that is realistic, so you can stick to it long-term.

What’s your favourite workout?I train using BBG either at the gym or at home. I love summer because it means I can also do these workouts in my backyard or at my local park. I also love doing LISS (low-intensity steady state) in the summertime. My favourite form of LISS is going for a fast-paced walk with my two dogs, Ace and TJ, either outside or along the beach (my favourite place)!

Which is your favourite healthy meal? And what would a cheat meal for you look like?

The best thing about the way that I eat is that I don’t see it as a ‘diet’. I fuel my body with healthy foods from all of the major food groups. I also still eat the foods that I love; I just stick with healthy alternatives and eat ‘indulgences’ in moderation. One of my favourite healthy meals is sushi. I love it because it contains a combination of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables all in one delicious meal. I also have a soft spot for tiramisu, so if I see it on a menu for dessert, I will treat myself every so often.

Who is your inspiration in today’s world of fitness?

My amazing BBG girls! I feel so blessed to be a part of such an uplifting community of women. These girls inspire me to work as hard as I can to be the best version of myself each and every day.

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