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Sit back, breathe and say Eee

Remember how they depict angry characters in cartoons: body shaking, red in the face and steam pouring out of their ears? Funny and exaggerated as that is, the imagery aptly depicts what the body, and more specifically the brain, is going through when you get angry. The brain is preparing for a fight, and though you may never throw a punch, the hormones that make that happen are coursing through your body anyway; pushing adrenalin into your muscles and increasing your heart rate. Pressure builds up within the body as it pumps for action. This is true for everybody – an adult or a child – and is the same for every stressful situation; be it arguing with an auto driver or being scolded by a teacher or the boss.

Dealing with anger in a healthy manner is a learned behaviour and is an essential skill to being emotionally and physically healthy.

Anger is a powerful emotion and tends to clog up the free flow of vital energy (prana) when it lies unexpressed and also when it is expressed too much. Yoga helps clear the pathways in the brain and in the physical body, to make space for clear expression and equanimity. The following yogic practice can be practised first thing in the morning or just before bed. If you or your children are dealing with intense anger, then this can be practised for up to 10 minutes every day.

Eee-Chanting (Variation of Buzzing Bee Breathing)

Sit comfortably with your back straight.

You can sit on a chair that supports your back well, or against the wall.

Close your eyes; bring your chin parallel to the ground and push your shoulders backward to open your chest. Pay close attention to how you are feeling pre and post the practice, particularly around your head.

Stage 1

Take a deep breath, and upon exhaling, create the sound ‘Eee’.

Start loud and try to maintain the volume of your sound.

Repeat nine times.

Stage 2

Please take some water as your throat and mouth become a little dry with this practice.

Close your ear flaps using your thumbs and spread the rest of your fingers on the top of your head.

Chant the ‘Eee’ sound 10 to 30 times.

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