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At various stages in our lives, there will be moments where we are forced to step on the brakes due to the overwhelming amount of physical and emotional pain that we suffer. When we see that the life we are living is not making us happy, we need to take a decision to release what no longer serves us, and find a new way to think, act and live. The process of clearing out and creating spaces, with regard to thought processes and experiences in your life, and especially in your relationships, is an intensive one. The intensity of the emotional pain makes a lot of people lose hope and sink into depression. This is an auto response by the mind, to shut down emotionally, to counter the stressful stimulation from one’s environment. I must emphasise here that depression is common, and all of us go through it. It is not a condition to be demonised, but a phase to be met with kindness and understanding. This is part of our evolution on this planet as a human being.

In yogic anatomy, the heart chakra is the home of our emotional energies. It is located in the centre of the chest, very close to the actual human heart. We connect to one another and our environment through our emotions, so not dealing with your emotional energies, puts this chakra out of balance. This, in turn, leaves you feeling joyless, unhealthy, and worse, useless. Exercise and diet are a great counter-measure to depression as they correct the hormonal imbalance caused by the weakened nervous system. The following is an energy practice to support recovery and renew the flow of vital energy to the heart chakra.

Rudra Mudra (Attitude of Strength)

Touch the tip of the right thumb to the tips of the index and ring fingers.

Extend the remaining two fingers, but let them be relaxed.

Recreate the same mudra in the left hand too.

Irrespective of how and where you are seated, place the back of your hands near the knees and relax your shoulders. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the centre of your chest.

Hold this mudra for 3 to 5 minutes at a stretch at least three times in a day.

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