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They make no bones about the fact they’re ‘unapologetically women’ – and its shows, stamped on the interiors, machines and all the paraphernalia.

Knocking at the doors of the all-women fitness studio, which is strictly out of bounds to men, I gradually discover there is more to exercise here than meets the eye. Dressed up in muted and vibrant tones of one colour (obviously pink!), the walls are a pleasant fusion of carmine, cherry blossom and carnation. Perhaps, it is symbolic of the diverse age group that throngs the fitness centre- from sprightly school girls to relaxed senior citizens. The sight of them all working out with an earnestness that is tempered by a cheerful levity is contagious. So much so, that it doesn’t take much persuasion to get onto the floor.

Though workout space is limited, the studio has that homely feel and radiates with inviting warmth and geniality- everybody knows everybody here. “The cordiality is our strong point. It is like one big family here. When people discover that exercise is fun, they hardly want to leave,” says Thenmozhi Sritharan who is hollered as Sree every now and then.

As I catch smiles beamed from different directions, I instantly feel at ease. Exercise looks easy here and there is solace that flab and fitness are common ground. After the mandatory body composition analysis and fitness evaluation, I find myself gawking at the machines. A sigh of relief escapes me as they’re less mean looking, being specially designed for women! This is just one of the many reasons why Pink piles upon the brownie points. Though personally for me, Pink's trump card lies in allowing clients to test the waters before plunging into the deep, in the form of short term packages on a monthly, quarterly and half-yearly basis. Besides being easy on the pocket, they are ideal for targeted weight loss.

The workout space is aligned into the cardio workout and the strengthening space. Floor mats are wedged between the two spaces. Trainers in pink tees unobtrusively supervise, guide and egg people on. I try out the gizmos with variable speeds and gradient settings- the elliptical trainer, the treadmills and the recumbent bike in the cardio workout area. And then its ‘powerpuff’ time with shots at strengthening equipment for shoulders, back, thighs and abdomen. One of the trainers introduces me to the aerobic stepper and shows off some easy, fascinating moves, which I try to replicate with matchless enthusiasm. The studio also offers pilates for streamlining flabby stomachs.

Pink offers you a simple choice - general fitness or the TRIM package that is tailored to guarantee weight loss of three or more kilos per month. “Our dieticians and trainers work hand in glove to personalise workout schedule and nutrition plans for each TRIM client. If you overstep your diet, then they come up with a plan to help you burn the calories through dietary alterations or compensatory workout.”

There is regular screening and motivation to monitor your progress through weekly measurements, diet diary and weight check. “Initially, there may not be remarkable weight loss. But when you fall into the routine of working out, you easily notice a difference. Muscles are toned, the sagginess disappears, old clothes fit and you acquire a healthy glow,” pipes Sree.

Leaving the studio, I can feel the beginning of that pink glow. As they say, ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’!

Step into PINK, a women only fitness studio at First Cross North East Extension, Behind Indian Medical Association, Thillai Nagar, anytime between 6 am to 8 pm. For details, contact 0431- 2764622, 2766622.

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