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Nick Orton with John Abraham  

Nick Orton makes no bones about his intentions to spread wings in Indian market. The fitness guru admits he enjoys working in India because not just the market is young and growing very fast here, it’s driven by a culture of wanting to be fit.

Taking fitness to the highest level of professionalism, Nick Orton, CEO and founder BodyPower is travelling across major cities in India to conduct auditions for the National Fitness Model Hunt. The tour travels across nine cities covering Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad before culminating in Mumbai on October 11, 2015. The tour aims to seek out the best professional athletes in India and provide them with a chance to compete at Asia’s largest fitness, sports and bodybuilding event, The BodyPower Expo 2016.

What prompted you to come up with the BodyPower concept?

The BodyPower concept came about in 2008. I was running a fairly large trade show business, which I had started and sold it to private equity business in November 2008. That meant that I was able to pursue a passion of mine, which is fitness. I did it with my business Partner Oliie Upton, who is here on the tour with me. And there is a team of us at BodyPower that’s in the UK and at that time obviously it was a much smaller team but we came up with the concept and I conceived the strategy to develop the BodyPower show, which has now developed into this huge global fitness brand which I am very proud of.

How do you rate Indians among other fitness-conscious people across the world?

Well, the amount of time I spend here must talk for itself because I am here every other month. You know I call it my second home. I absolutely love it here and the reason is that Indians are very keen to learn. They are like sponges and they want to learn the best ways to get involved in fitness. My overall philosophy with BodyPower is to try and inspire as many people as possible to get fitter and healthier. It just so happens that the side effect of that is it’s actually a very good business model as well. But I really enjoy working in India because the market is quite young and growing very fast. It’s an exciting market but it’s driven by a culture of wanting to learn. That’s nice.

Can bodybuilding be equated with complete fitness?

It can be. Body building is quite a broad term, so some people will think that body building is about massive guys competing on stage. But in truth it is for anybody who wants to build their body in whatever shape or form, like say, a runner who wants to build a lean, sleek body or maybe a track athlete who wants to build a muscular frame. That’s body building as well. Or it may be people like myself, ordinary people who just enjoy training and getting fit. I would cast myself as somebody who’s interested in body building, I want to build my own body, clearly I’m not a professional body builder. But to answer the question, body building can be a form of fitness but it’s not necessarily complete fitness.

Your comments on the bad press bodybuilders get regarding excess use of steroids and other banned drugs.

Those who use such stuff deserve bad and negative press. Bodybuilders are here to inspire people. Certainly in India the leading bodybuilders that I know have got a very good outlook. They want to inspire as many people as possible. And I think there are a lot of cases where people use enhancing products, which they believe is going to transform them but they use it in a very uneducated way and that’s not sensible at all. I mean, why would you put something in your body that you don’t understand. I’m really not an advocate of that at all. I think it’s people’s personal preference if they want to use something but certainly I don’t endorse it nor does BodyPower.

Your personal fitness regimen?

Well, I am very fortunate because I’ve got a fully-equipped gym at my office. My personal regime is that I start early and during lunch time do about 30 minutes of weight-workout for about five times a week, when I am in the office. And I would switch between upper body and lower body. I actually train my lower body more than most people would because I enjoy that sort of training. But I also do upper body as well. I train on my own mostly. I also add an element of cardio. In my case anyway, in order to develop the physique that I want, I need to do resistance training so I do it at lunch time and then everyday I do at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise and on the weekends I do a lot more than that. So I am a very active person and this is my business. I love it and practice what I preach.

BodyPower’s long term goals/agenda?

Globally, the long term goal is to inspire as many people as possible towards fitness and health. In India, I want to do the same and planning to launch BodyPower studios very soon. We want to build our ambassador team. We have got about 450 ambassadors in India at the moment and we want to build on that.

In UK we have well over 1000 ambassadors. So in a country the size of India, we should be aiming to have several thousands ambassadors. We will help to build those people’s career if they are in fitness so that we can lend our marketing muscle.

Next year we have got huge plans to tour Asia which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We will be increasing the India tour as well. We have got the IFPB pro show that we are launching that runs in Delhi in November next year, which is really exciting. I like it so much here that I need to buy a place here and move!

(The FitFactor India and auditions for the hunt in Hyderabad will be held on October 8 and for more details log on to

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