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Hrithik Roshan's personal fitness trainer Kris Gethin. Photo: G.Ramakrishna   | Photo Credit: G_RAMAKRISHNA

In today’s times great importance is attached to health and fitness. The girl next door wants to slim down. The guy next door wants to bulk up. Neither is able to get the desired result.

But, it makes me feel good that there is rising consciousness about the benefits of staying fit. Back in the ’90s it wasn’t so. And, so today I see a lot of gyms mushrooming up in every colony. To add to this list, we have Gethin gyms coming up, starting from their first in Chennai.

Well, for those who don’t know who Kris Gethin is, he is a fitness trainer who has during the past three years worked hard with Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Ranveer Singh in keeping them fit. Just recently he came up with his book “Bollywood Body By Design” and his own supplements KageMuscle.

Before bringing out his mantra of staying fit, Gethin makes one thing clear, “No compromise with chicken tikka. I love it a lot. So, I have it a lot. For ice creams, I have my own frozen yoghurts as alternatives. I don’t really miss out on anything. There are just healthier alternatives to almost everything that you would not take.”

Well, that meant biryani and butter chicken were put in the safe zone and so for a second I unleashed the wannabe superhero inside me. I assumed that I could continue to have just anything. Going ahead to quiz him further about how I would bulk up with my busy schedule, he says, “Hold on! I didn’t say you would not have to sacrifice on anything. There would be things which you would not take. But, that would be worth it. You would live a healthier life with far lesser chances of falling ill.”

Ah! I gnawed at the idea of utilising my energies daily in a gym. Something that I have never been able to keep up with for long. Here, Gethin puts in a breather “If one can take out 45 minutes for four days in a week that’s enough. I don’t do a lot of gymming.”

Bodies, as you would have read, are built outside and not inside the gyms. I recall that phrase. Seemed true. And Gethin swears by it too being a motivational speaker.

He pumps up his clients, works for almost 18-20 hours per day and eats around six meals daily. “My breakfast compromises six or more egg whites plus the oat meal. Then on, after every two hours I eat. Chicken, tuna fish, and so many other things which don’t make you put on weight. There is a lot of false education and myths regarding how to stay fit. But, there is rising awareness and I hope people take benefit of it.”

Gethin just packs in the final punch with, “Fitness is daily routine. It’s not just one phase of life. You have to be consistent with it.”

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