V-bar dips

BUILD MUSCLE With V-bar dips. Photos: R.Shivaji Rao   | Photo Credit: R_Shivaji Rao


Stand on a bench and hold the sides of a V-bar, with elbows pointing out.

Keep your feet together in front of you and chin close to the upper chest.

Bending the elbows, dip between the bars until you feel a stretch in the lower and outer chest.

Return to the start position.

Targeted muscles

It trains the pectorals or chest muscles.

Also works the deltoids (shoulders) and triceps.


Extremely wide bars.

Quick, jerky movements.

Hyper-stretching the shoulders while dipping.

Forcibly locking out the elbows.

Who benefits

Avoid this exercise if you have shoulders prone to injury.

This exercise shapes the chest.

It places maximum emphasis on the lower and outer parts of the muscle.

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