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Thetahealing is a rising healing modality that uses unique quantum physics principles, sleep cycle programming and power of focussed positive thoughts while connected to “the creator of all that is” to help a person transform physical and emotional illness into health.

The discovery of this new system was serendipitous. Vianna Stibal, a practising naturopath in Idaho, the U.S., was at a crossroads of her life. She had been diagnosed with cancer, given just three months to live. On top of that, her marriage was on the rocks, and she had three young children from a previous marriage. Her house was falling apart; she had been asked to vacate her office, and she was short of money.

As a psychic and healer of considerable skill, she used to connect with a ‘Higher Energy' during her healings. When she twice connected with what she realised was the source of all energy, she decided to try it on herself. She found that not only was her disease fading but her material problems were also well on their way to being solved.

A doctor friend — who measured her brainwaves with EEG during her meditative state — discovered that she was in a deep Theta brainwave state, usually achieved in deep sleep. This state, considered the most creative and receptive one, is supposed to be attained after decades of deep meditation in seclusion.

Grateful for this new lease of life, Vianna decided to teach this astonishing knowledge. Thus ThetaHealing was born. To effectively teach and promote ThetaHealing globally, Vianna and her husband Guy founded The ThetaHealing School of Knowledge in Idaho Falls.

What is Thetahealing?

Suffering is caused by the huge gap between expectations and reality. Sometimes we try hard to achieve something yet we fail. But someone else seems to succeed easily and effortlessly. So we are afraid of even trying to have expectations lest the reality is once again the same; failure. Many people, therefore, believe that suffering is a way of life. They either blame god or believe it is their fate to suffer. The stress of suffering soon manifests itself as disease in the body. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other illness have their roots in emotional trauma caused by stress and suffering.

Welcome to the world of sub-conscious mind; that part of the mind from which come our habits and programmed behaviours (whether genetic or taught). If people realised that beliefs embedded in their own sub-conscious mind is responsible for their suffering, then they would be able to find relief.

Identifying self-sabotaging beliefs in your subconscious mind, removing and replacing them with positive beliefs - along with ‘unconditional love of the ‘creator of all that is' - is the key to ThetaHealing. This is the secret to all forms well being, whether emotional, physical financial or any other that may be necessary to you.

Removing beliefs can be an overwhelming experience since people are attached to them. If you are able to check and correct your sub-conscious mind, your conscious will only benefit you. Thetahealing thus teaches you to use your intuition in your daily life.

How it works

Thetahealing allows the brain to enter into a deep theta brainwave state, which sends the individual into a deep meditational state. This allows access to the necessary information feelings, beliefs, and emotional patterns in the subconscious mind. The healer then helps the individual use thetahealing to remove and release these and replace them with positive beliefs.

Apart from a renewed spiritual growth and getting rid of negativity, thetahealing also helps release creative expression, whether it is music, dance, writing or the fine arts.

While initially, an individual may need to visit a practitioner; thetahealing can be learnt and applied on yourself. This helps you take charge of your own life. It must be mentioned here that all this happens only if the individual willingly accepts the changes. Free will is a crucial component of thetahealing.

ThetaHealing also has a role in the corporate world. We say that the success of an organisation depends on the people it employs. But the success of an individual depends on his/her belief systems. Most companies today conduct workshops and seminars for their employees but what many do not realise is that the learning during such programmes are received in a beta brainwave state, a state of mind that filters all information received through its subconscious default settings.

Imagine what could be achieved if a person is able to maintain the theta state for a longer stretch of time; a state in which the mind is calm, the thoughts crystal clear and the subconscious accessible. Using ThetaHealing in an organisation, therefore, generates a positive energy in the workspace where employees feel motivated and their minds refreshed.

Remember, ThetaHealing is not a religion; it is a technique that changes your beliefs according to the dictates of your conscience.

ThetaHealing in Chennai

Want to know what karma is and how to change it, to awaken your kundalini, create your own reality, become a healer and heal yourself and others too, to move from illness to wellness, to achieve joy and abundance in your life?

Learn more about ThetaHealing from Sumant Kaul, Master theta healer and President, India International Healing Institute.

December 19: Awareness talk

February4-11: First course on this healing modality

Fee: Rs. 50,000

For more details: e-mail

Quick guide

ThetaHealing helps you

Change and control conscious and subconscious beliefs

Heal emotionally and physically

Read your body

Manifest what you want in your life

It worked for me

My first experience with ThetaHealing was in December last year. I was at an Intuitive Anatomy course. I had burnt the inside of my mouth and tongue and asked Pravin Narain Agarwal, a friend and fellow ThetaHealer, to help me. Very soon, the burns healed. After that there has been no looking back. I suffered from planter fascitis. After a few sessions of ThetaHealing, the pain was gone, never to come back.

Dr. Purnima Chibbar, New Delhi

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