A sense of community

Yoga comes from the root word ‘yuj’, meaning unity. We create this unity between the body, emotions and mind. We create a healthy team work between the individual consciousness and a higher consciousness that enables a broader perspective of life. This connection, with all aspects and dimensions of us, creates a wholesome communion. When people connect with each other in healthy, loving ways from this integrated space, there is true community.

So, yoga is essentially the tools and principles that create union, unity, communion and community.

As we continue on the real path, we start observing the disconnect in ourselves and others. This may not be a great feeling if we have not mastered the art of detached, clear seeing. Also, when disconnected, we feel uneasy. If not addressed, this will make us act, speak or think in ways that harm others or ourselves in obvious as well as subtle ways. That is why ‘alone time’ in yoga is important. It helps realign, reconnect and get involved in life rather than escape it.

Anjali mudra

(Anjali: Divine offering; mudra: A seal or gesture to create an inner state)

Many a time, we want to be inclusive, but don’t know how. The Anjali mudra is a tool for that. When devotees are in front of a place of worship and communing with a higher consciousness, they are in Anjali mudra — their hands are raised with palms together. This is the point where all the anda chakras or subtle halo chakras or energy vortexes are.As we bring the palms together, we create a connection between the right and left, masculine and feminine, at the point where the cosmos meets the individual.

The technique

Stand in samasthithi or a balanced standing position. You can do this sitting as well. Bring your hands up high above your head and keep your palms together. Keep your eyes open and gently focus on Nature or a symbol of expansiveness. Then, keep your eyes closed. Visualise a soft glow above you. Take three deep breaths. Relax arms. Take more breaths if needed.

Yogacharini Maitreyi builds evolutionaries and trains Arkaya Yoga teachers and healers around the world. She also runs a foundation for children living in the slums. Contact her on and

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