The fuss about BB/CC creams

Have you ever walked into a make-up store only to be bombarded by women requesting you to try BB this and CC that – is it make-up or lingerie? You look around, baffled, wondering what these random letters actually mean.

Well, have no fear, I am here to explain this to you.

The BB Cream

Ah, the infamous BB cream which every brand seems to have some version of... but what is it? Originally, it was a German skincare product, which later became an Asian miracle product. The Beauty Balm – combining a skin serum, SPF and a medium-full coverage foundation in one product – helps cut down your morning beauty routine by half, if not more. It’s everything you need in a base product – cutely packaged and in one little tube. A lot of Asian brands still make their BB creams with all of the above, so if you’re looking at trying the real deal, look no further. (In Chennai, Shiseido’s BB Cream is about as close to the original as you can get).

A lot of western brands market a tinted moisturiser with SPF as a BB cream, which isn’t bad in itself; it’s just not what the product was intended to do. Having said that, Bobbi Brown makes a killer BB Cream; so give it a go. (Buy it if you’re travelling out of the country or to Mumbai or Delhi.)

The BB cream can replace your foundation during the day. If it’s SPF 35 and above, you don’t need your own SPF beforehand; anything less than that and you need it. Beware of using them during the evenings in case of flash photography, because the SPF will guarantee that white cast in your pictures.

The CC Cream

Now, since BB makes sense... what does the CC cream do? The CC cream was developed based on the success and hype that surrounded the BB cream, because really, a few more letters never hurt anyone. The Colour Correcting cream is a tinted moisturiser with colour-correcting properties, as the name might suggest. Yellow to counteract purple/blues in the face, a mild green to counteract red and so on and so forth. Some brands, such as MAC, have coloured CC creams for specific uses while others are tinted moisturisers that have the above properties (Clinique, Chanel, Bourjois…).

Personally, I would use a CC cream to prime my face and create an even base before my daily foundation. But it can be used on its own if you’re lucky enough to have amazing skin.

Now, the rest, including EE Cream (it hasn’t hit the Indian Market yet, but wait for it...) are just variations of the above. So, you can decide what you want and tackle those saleswomen with the confidence of a pro.

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