Be a head-turner this Diwali

Diwali dress -Check. New sandals - Check. Pretty earrings - Check. Make up - Check. New hairdo - same old (Yawn).

Hairstyles pull any outfit together and liven up your look. We got Chennai-based hair and make-up artist Lalitha Rajamanickam to demonstrate trendy, glamorous and effortless hairstyles for a perfect Diwali look.

Inside-out ponytail

If you are the kind of girl who just likes to throw her hair into a ponytail, you should definitely try this twist to your regular look. Works well with Indian and Indo-western outfits and stays put while dancing. Accessorise with pretty clips and you are all set to go.

How to do

Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Loosen the band and create a split in the hair. Now take the ponytail and flip it over and pull it through the small split you have created above the band.

Fishtail headband

How many times have you had your bangs go frizzy or limp while dancing the night away? If so, try this soft Disney Princess look. Works very well with Indian outfits and with short hair too.

How to do

Part a two-three-inch section of hair starting at the front of your head, down to the ears.

Split this into two sections. Take a little bit of hair from the outer corner of the outer section and cross it over and join it with the inner section. This should form an ‘x’. Now take some hair from the outer corner of the inner section and cross it over and join it with the inner section.

Work down your head, adding a little bit of hair as you go down.

Once you reach the end of the ear, tie with a band. Pin this flat against your head. Now tug gently at the braids to create some volume. Hairspray it.

Wear the rest of your hair down or tie it with a band into a low ponytail on the side.


Simple and pretty, this takes just a few minutes to do, but makes you look like you spent hours at the salon.

Starting from one ear, brush your hair towards your other ear. Take a 2-3-inch square section of hair starting near your ear. Split this into two sections.

Take the outer section and cross it over the inner section. Now the inner section is on the out. Add to this one-and-a-half to one inch of hair from next to it and cross again. You are essentially twisting your hair.

Keep repeating, around the head, until you reach the side where you started again and pin it.

Let your hair down on the side, or put it into a low ponytail on the side or twist your hair all the way down and secure with a band. Now tug at the twists in your hair, to make the whole look softer. Pin away any loose fly-aways. Hairspray.

This lends a romantic twist to any outfit. Small flowers will really play up the style.

Pump up the


This is a timeless style and works on all faces. One of the most versatile, fun and glamorous looks you could go for.

This hairstyle is a trick, where the outer layer of your hair is going to cover the inside volume. Brushing through your hair, take a cross section of your hair starting at the crown towards the ears.

Clip away the back portion of your hair. Now starting at the sections of hair closest to your ear, curl your hair at just the root with a curling iron. Hairspray it. Work up, towards your crown and stop right before you hit the crown.

This should leave the front portion of your head with curls at the root and a layer of hair to cover all the curls. Leave as it is or go ahead.

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