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Nik Halik’s slickly-made YouTube video deserves prizes for graphics, storyline, voice-over and background score. Actually, the motivational speaker’s lesson on “How to become a millionaire and be happy” begins here. Make a cracklingly good presentation of yourself on the Internet. (If you aspire to be like him, shorten your name — his was Nikos Halikopoulos and learn to dress and speak well.)

To be fair, the short film has impressive content: born in 1969, Halik was medically confined to his home for the first decade, at eight wrote down the 10 things he would achieve, at 14 started his first business, at 17 relocated to Hollywood to perform live on stage, at 19 made his first investment in property, at 24 became a multi-millionaire. He now owns homes in Greek Islands, Morocco and Australia, has run with bulls in Spain, climbed mountains, dived fives miles below to have lunch on the Titanic (wish list 6), has built schools with plastic bottles in Latin America and Africa. He became the first flight-qualified and certified civilian astronaut from Australia, will be the first Australian and private space explorer to live on ISS (wish list 2).

His current aim is to create 1 million “Thrillionaires” across the globe. If you wish to be one of them, you can attend his workshop — in Coimbatore (21 June), Chennai (June 23), Bangalore (June 26).

Founder-CEO of Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global and iCoach Global, Halik made his millions through strategic investments in property/stock market. He has put down those strategies in his best-selling book The Thrillionaires, and is willing to educate you financially, answer questions on life enhancement. His blogs are filled with gems like How to turn your bad day around for the better, How to diffuse negative thoughts, How to handle criticism from family, How helping people makes you feel much better, What you should say to yourself every morning, What you can learn from elderly people... He promises to “shift you from where you are to where you need to be in order to excel.”

He answered questions from Australia.

How would you like to be referred to?

I am known around the world as a life strategist and wealth strategist. For me it’s all about emotionally and financially inspiring millions across the globe. The media dubbed me as ‘The Thrillionaire’, the world's foremost cyber-gypsy living life on his own terms.

What was your Eureka moment when you decided to make us all successful?

I discovered my why, the WOW component to understanding my life’s purpose. I was eight when I drafted my screenplay and I’ve been the actor, producer and director of it for the last 32 years.

Who/What is your inspiration? Books, authors, speakers, just life itself?

I grew up on the Encyclopaedia Britannica and The Adventures of Tintin. I am the lovechild of both.

Why are the travels and adventures so important to you?

My travels to over 132 countries and crazy adventures such as rocketing to space or having lunch on the Titanic are the essence of my life. It’s this mosaic that allows me to transcend what is possible. For me success lies in how many lives I can impact and inspire. This is what is most emotionally profitable for me.

Did I understand your life mantra right? “Heighten your level of awareness, and if you desire long, try long, work long, you will achieve anything in life. Be the producer, scriptwriter and director of your life”.

First up, never just try. You will always smile. You just do it. Take massive action. Yes, you must raise your level of awareness.

You want people to take charge of their life, make a paradigm shift, not make excuses like family and stuff. In India such an attitude would be viewed as selfish.

To be inspired and to feel relevant is not a selfish paradigm. To not have purpose in life is a selfish excuse for a human and a waste of human life and potential.

Nik Halik's Trillionaire workshop will be presented by Puja Gupta's Life by Design & Success Gyan in Chennai on June 23, at Hotel Leela Palace. Call 9790870699 or log on to: for details.

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