Seven steps to self-discovery with Sidra Jafri

What if we programme our lives differently? Instead of being ignorant about our routine why not take a step back, think about what is right, find out things that don’t work and correct them? Puja Gupta, Life By Design & Success Gyan present U.K.-based author and life coach Sidra Jafri’s ‘The Awakening’, a workshop that focuses on self-discovery and betterment on May 16 in the city.

The interactive event will take one through the seven step process Sidra believes in. It will also enable people to realise the patterns in their lives and change them. “We are all a result of programming, which decides where we live, what we eat, how much money we earn and even what kind of people we marry. Awakening helps us recognise these programs and replace the ones that no longer serve us. The tools will help identify that programme and release it,” says Sidra.

The seven steps are: Awareness, Responsibility, Identification, Acceptance, Release, Replace and Celebrate. “This idea was an organic process and each client I addressed helped me develop the steps. These help access the body’s consciousness and clear any blockages from a person’s life,” she explains, “I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself. Realising the power within is the first step towards cure. Addressing the reasons that created the pain leads to healing. It’s about learning that our bodies are not separate from our mind, emotions and spirit.”

Sidra explains that the biggest shift that people experience from the workshop is the way they look at events from the past. “The past hurts, angers, disappoints and saddens and this is why the body is in pain. Once this is healed, everything in life will change, including relationships,” she adds. “I believe that experience is co-creation, therefore all of my workshops are interactive, communicative and experiential. You will not only hear what should be done, but also experience it.”

There are times when some people come to the workshops with a closed mind. “They are most challenging to work with,” says Sidra. But, “consistent action creates traction! The more you apply the tools you learnt in the workshop, the more your life will change.”

The Awakening workshop will take place on May16 at The Westin, Velachery. For details, call

96770 77991 and 97908 70699 or visit >

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