Power of a THOUGHT

Mahatria Ra giving a lecture at the Thought Leadership event  

For a laid back Hyderabadi reaching a programme venue on time is as rare as the blue moon – but on Sunday afternoon those determined to hear Mahatria Ra speak, were in their seats before time ! Perhaps they were aware that all his seminars in the last 18 years have started bang on time and no one is allowed entry even a minute late. The mixed audience was unusually quiet — all eager to tune into pearls of wisdom that could lead them to a life of abundance.

Entertaining healthy thoughts

Speaking on ‘Thought Leadership’ Mahatria stated that everyone plays the role of a leader be it as a parent to a child, a teacher to a student or a project head to a team at work. Hence, entertaining healthy thoughts, interacting with people who are ‘thought leaders’ and having ‘thought anchors’ is crucial. One opens the newspaper to often read about another scam, another terrorist attack or yet another heinous crime – some mornings we all wish to change the world. Mahatria stressed on how changing the world begins with changing the man, changing the Man begins with changing his mind and changing his mind begins with a change in his thought patterns.

Speaking about India’s outdated education system that does not encourage students to think big Mahatria cited the example of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who when he expanded his thinking became the Mahatma instrumental in a revolution.

“Change has never been known to be brought about by governments and policies but by individuals who lead with new thinking. One man can decide to change his thoughts and influence several others.” Mahatria offered clues for thought process change – firstly for change in whatever area one chooses, one needs to have a role model in that field (the Z axis on your graph), secondly the individual needs to live the teachings of this Z Axis and thirdly one has to move with people who will help you live the change and disengage from people who pull you down.

“When you have transformed then you can mentor others by being the Z Axis in their lives – you can be an inspiration and provide an environment for growth,” he added.

Nikita a follower of Jainism said, “I find a lot of similarity between my religion and what Mahatria talks about.

Besides because he speaks in English, it is much easier to understand and I have been following his teachings for a few years and find them helpful.”

While Bindu an MBBS student who accompanied her parents to the seminar, shared that Mahatria’s talks, books and teachings offer practical solutions to everyday situations and help her stay focused.

Infinite happiness, health and wealth — just a thought away!

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