The magic show performed by P.C.Sorcar Young and P.C.Sorcar Master at Rama Rao Kala Mantapa Audiotorium. Photo: R. Shivaji Rao  

The Water Of India

Ostensibly, the trick was first performed by Atmaram Dev in the court of Emperor Jahangir. The Sorcars claim he is the ancestor in whom their magical tradition has its roots. The trick begins with the duo draining out a jug of water into another basin. Magically, the jug replenishes itself — so much so the magicians use it endlessly whenever the need for water arises.

X-Ray Eyes

This popular trick performed by Sorcar Young continues to entertain. It involves calling volunteers from the audience to the stage to check if Sorcar is properly blindfolded. Post this, he invites the audience to write something on a board. And, surprise! he reads it, and in a few cases, writes his response on the board. He even improvises a few sketches!

Birds From Nowhere

Sorcar Master and his team of assistants look around for birds. The Master then taps on a cage with a net, and voila! A dove appears from… nowhere. The well co-ordinated moves, the music and that perfect timing make this one magical.

What's happened to the lady?

A circular sawing machine is used by the Master and his assistants through a woman’s waist. Despite some ‘make-believe gore’, the audience have nothing to worry about, for, the magician is after all here to set things right!

The Curse Of Chemia

The magician plays out a skit where he is inside the tomb of an Egyptian princess and is attempting to work his magic on the body. A levitation trick, the body resting on a table begins to float, and when the cloth draping the body is removed, one realises it has vanished. But, as Cutter from the movie The Prestige said, “…making something disappear isn’t enough, you have to bring it back”. So, the magician brings the body back and restores it in the tomb.

(The show is on at Rama Rao Kala Mantapa auditorium, Karnataka Sangha, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar till May 26 at 7.15 p.m.)

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