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Actor Ravi Kishan  

Ravi Kishan is ecstatic; he has signed his third Telugu film as a villain in Dictator and will be joining the sets of the Balakrishna starrer soon. A hit with Telugu audience since Race Gurram, he is now curious to know the buzz surrounding the release of Kick 2. In a chat with MetroPlus the versatile actor says, “I have worked for 15 years in the industry, in more than 300 films in Bhojpuri in and 50 in Hindi.

Director Surender Reddy said he saw me in Luck and wanted to work with me because I am capable of performing a wide range of emotions, he especially loves my eyes and face. I loved the script in the first narration. All the credit goes to him, wherever I go in Andhra Pradesh, people address me as Shiva Reddy, my character in Race Gurram.”

He adds, “I will be playing the role of a villain, a very intimidating man who is into illegal business, he has a strong personality. A lot of scripts are coming from the Telugu film field and I am open to doing good roles. I can do dance comedy, dance, love, romance, killer, psychotic, all kinds of roles.”

The actor talks about his humble beginnings and how he started earning wealth and fame.

He says, “Life is my teacher. People come in walking but I came crawling. I crawled and I reached here, God has been kind and I can sustain my stardom. I have gone through everything in life. I know what poverty and middle class life is. Initially a lot of money started coming, it must have gone to my head and I went and locked myself in Big Boss housefor three months. There I got my answers, about the reality of life, stardom, truth, the fake, money, value of a family, etc.”

Did he ever feel insecure considering there is new talent coming to Bollywood every other day?

He observes, “Everyone has their time. For as long as my destiny has written, I will be there. If I work hard like Mr Bachchan I guess can be there till am 73 also. There are other people who set an example, I look up to them, then the insecurity goes down. .

I can take so many avatars that my fans will not get bored of me, they know I will come with something new, be it Kick, Race Gurram or Dictator. I don’t trouble my producers, I know how much they suffer to make one film. People love to sign me because they know I love cinema and I don’t come with a baggage.”

The son of a priest, he is known to be a sensitive man. So how did he even think of plunging into politics? “I thought it is pay back time, there are poor people and I wanted to help them.

I got an opportunity and Priyanka Gandhi respectfully invited me and she wanted me to fight the election. I lost in Banaras as there was a huge Modi wave going on.

I feel it was too early to take the plunge. It taught me a lot and there is no regret. I came back and I began work all over again, I am glad I am back on track.”

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