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Putting the ‘smart’ in smartphones are productivity apps; not just those that help you get through the day with minimal distractions, but also those that let you make the most out of every minute. By automating those tasks that let you customise your workflow, these apps are essential for Type-A personalities and a godsend for the rest of us lesser mortals.


Circa is like all my favourite dailies, plus the evening paper, plus Twitter put together in one app. My favourite part of the app is the Wire — it provides you with a daily brief about the kind of news that matters to you and also condenses everything you haven’t read yet into a single, quick-read page.

It also curates news the way you want it — you can follow updates on stories that break and those that interest you, search for the type of stories you may be interested in, filter breaking news alerts and sync the app to your Android Wear device.


By far the most popular app on this list, IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. Computer science majors will recognise that the name itself refers to an algorithm following one of the most basic principles: automate everything you can. The app lets you fulfil the most formulaic, tedious, time-consuming tasks at hand. It’s really simple — create a ‘recipe’ where a ‘this’ trigger would lead to a ‘that’ action. For example, add Instagram photos to your Dropbox, save links that you favourite on Twitter to Pocket, or e-mail every new note in an Evernote notebook to a certain account. Want more ideas? IFTTT even gives you access to trending recipes.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I check my phone, more specifically, my email. If you’re one of those healthy, happy, morning people who are aghast at that fact, skip this section. Mailbox is a great app that brings all your emails to one place (currently Gmail and iCloud; the developers are working on other mail platforms).

It also lets you archive those you want to ignore for the time being, put off emails or snooze them for a later time, mute them; pretty much manage the first leg of all your correspondence while you’re still in bed. The app also ‘learns’ from you, and offers to perform the same action on those mails that have met a similar fate before.


Brewster is a contact management app. Rather than update contacts by hand in your little black book (yes, people still do that, yours truly included), or add a new number/email/address, you can let Brewster work its magic and compile all your contacts’ information — phone numbers, email IDs, addresses, even social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others) — together and keep it up-to-date. However, your friends may think the app is spamming them if it asks for updated information repeatedly. Another minor annoyance is that it adds a watermark to all your profile pictures.

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