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RIni Dhumal  

A few feet from the entrance of Chitramayee art gallery, renowned teacher/artist Rini Dhumal stands engrossed looking at the images. There is an instant appeal which draws Rini to the exhibits. “The works by youngsters are exciting,” she states with a smile. The works by youngsters brings back memories of her student days. “Laxma (Laxma Goud), DLN (D.L.N. Reddy), Vaikuntam (Thota Vaikuntham) studied in Baroda. We all studied together and have a good bonding,” she reminisces.

A renowned artist and teacher, Rini Dhumal’s inspiration has been the woman. “My muse is woman, the shakti image. I don’t want to call it a cliché but as a woman, one is at the front. She is my forte. I explore woman in all forms. She is Devi, not as a god but as a woman. She is an everyday woman. I see the energy vibrating in women from villages to different classes. She is a juggler and she juggles with so much in life that automatically she comes out to be a strong person,” she explains.

After being at the helm as a teacher in Baroda for 18 years, she quit the profession to concentrate on her works. “I think my biggest challenge has been teaching because there you have to be mentally, emotionally and individually be aware of what you are imparting to the students. And, they have to be receptive also. It is difficult because teaching has to be one on one; It cannot be to a class. This takes away a lot of energy and that is the reason I left teaching after 18 years because I wanted to concentrate on my work,” she shares.

I see the energy vibrating in women from villages to different classes.

With her husband as the dean and she working as a teacher at Baroda, Rini recalls the good rapport they shared with the students.

“A lot of youngsters from Hyderabad come to Baroda to study. I have seen in my experience that students from here are hardworking, obedient and truthful and pick up the technicalities,” she points out.

At 68, Rini credits her teachers for creating the zeal and the need for another perspective. “I have done print making in Baroda, Santiniketan and Paris. I have had teachers Somnath Hore for printmaking, KG Subramanyam in painting and Krishna Reddy in Paris. I think I have been lucky to have had fantastic teachers who taught us how to keep our eyes and ears open to the multidisciplinary aspect of art,” she recalls.

Speaking about the art scene, she states, “There is a change among the artists because of the global exposure. There is change and a different way of thinking when compared to my generation. We see how they react to situations; sometimes it is better, sometimes not.”

Her happiness now focuses on her work and family. “I left the college because I wanted to continue to paint. Now, my energy is my work and family. I have a grandson who is 7-and-half. Happiness is the greater success that you can have.”

(Rini Dhumal was in town as part of the jury to select the best works from the ongoing National Exhibition of Contemporary Art.)

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