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Fitness is not a hobby, a pastime, or an occasional indulgence. In fact, it takes a good dose of discipline and dedication to get fit and maintain it for years.

Irrespective of whether one is it an overworked corporate, a harried new mother, a busy doctor or someone with tons of work-related travels, fitness is important for all.

Running is a good arrow to have in your quiver, particularly for the busy bodies. It requires very little in terms of equipment or preparation and can be remarkably time-efficient and relatively safe as long as you follow a few handy tips.

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Early morning hours are best suited for running or working out. Traffic and pollution are low and the weather is marginally better. Also, your workout is done for the day, and no matter what life throws at you during the day, it will not affect your fitness regimen.

Scheduling and planning

While it is a very romantic notion to just wake up and run, the alarm-snooze games easily take over when there is no specific planning. If Tuesdays and Thursdays are marked on your calender as a 5K and 7K run, respectively, then you are more likely to stick to it. So go ahead and mark them down on your Smartphone and even link it to your alarm.

Location, location, location

Sure, the lovely pre-dawn light, pigeons rising up from the sand, gnarled old banyan trees, leafy trails – all these are nice to see during a run. But just getting there can easily add an hour to your morning routine. Most roads (yes, even the ones that are not as nice to drive on) are fine for running. Your most time-efficient way forward is to get out of home and run in your neighbourhood.

Find a friend

Take a class or join a running group. Most runners and groups in Chennai meet early morning. As long as the meeting point is close to your home, this can give you added motivation to wake up. You also benefit from strength, yoga, spinning or swimming classes on your non-running days from any wof the several programmes available in your city.


Deadlines are not just for work. They are handy in ensuring you stick to your plan as well. Sign up for an upcoming running event, and before you know it, your excuses will melt away. Make sure you train your body and work towards the goal – do not start your running journey on race day.

Devise your own hacks

Each of us is different and we all have myriad compulsions. But if you stay true to your goals, getting fit and staying there is really within reach. Figure out what works for you. A good post-run stretch session is great to get out of the way in the time it takes for a litre of milk to boil (and the coffee to percolate) for example.

Hopefully, armed with these tips, you can go on to make fitness and running your favourite habit.

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