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Vianna Stibal. Photo: Special arrangement

Vianna Stibal. Photo: Special arrangement

ThetaHealing is the new buzz word in the world of alternative healing. Said to be based on the principles of quantum physics, it uses sleep cycle programming and the power of focussed thoughts in curing physical and emotional illness.

Vianna Stibal, the founder of thetahealing, is in Delhi to participate in the First ThetaHealing World Conference for World Peace, where she is felicitated with Peace International Award for promoting world peace.

On her first visit to India, Vianna asks if the same medicine works for everybody why certain cultures heal faster than others. “I feel Indians heal faster because spirituality is in their DNA,” says Vianna looking deep into one's eyes. Vianna says she could feel the nature, the beat of the trees, the movement of the animals. “It's like kids who can feel nature much better than adults. As we grow up our memory, our thoughts, get corrupted. I have managed to clean it by connecting with higher energy, which many call God.”

She says in India people call god by different names but ultimately they connect with a higher energy. “The healing works better if you are a believer; otherwise I try to explain the healing through the exchange of energy.”

Vianna, a native of Idaho, USA, has been working on theatahealing for 17 years. She says once a doctor friend of hers actually measured her brainwaves when she was meditating using an EEG machine. “She discovered that I was in a deep theta brainwave state, a state usually achieved in deep sleep. It is considered to be the most creative and receptive brainwave state that has been used by great sages to perform miracles after spending years in seclusion.”

Vianna can achieve it in minutes and also teaches it. “The idea is to create more and more healers.”

Organised by India International Healing Institute, the conference is on till December 5 at New Delhi's Radisson Hotel on NH-8.

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