Much ado about H2O

Precious Blue, a short film by Bengaluru’s upcoming short film-maker Raghunath S., explores the reality of the water crisis

Water! How easily we take this highly perishable resource for granted. Have we ever stopped to think about what happens when one day the supply ends and our taps run dry? Raghunath S., an upcoming short film-maker, hopes to give us a glimpse of that inevitable future in his short film Precious Blue and believes we can stop it from happening.

“The short film dwells on a real theme. We waste water so easily without a second thought, but what happens when we run out of it. Will we see a day when, more than petrol or diesel, we will be shelling out huge amounts of money for a bottle of water?” asks Raghunath.

An employee in operations at Groupon, Raghunath hopes to make more films like this that make people think. Precious Blue follows an individual who is unable to find water and when he finally does, he meets with an accident and the precious liquid is lost. That’s when he snaps out of his dream and goes to shut down a leaking tap. A lot of incidents triggered this film. I’ve personally seen instances of people wasting water and they do it in the confidence that there’s plenty around, which is sadly not the truth.”

Raghunath points out that the Cauvery issue was also another factor that inspired him.

“But I didn’t want to focus on that though, since it becomes a political issue. I wanted this film to have a universal appeal. It’s a very generic theme that is relatable with everyone.”

While there are plenty of similar short films, he points out that what sets his apart from the rest is the “sense it gives the viewers that it’s not a dream any more. The movie also doesn’t preach to take action or conserve water. It raises the awareness on how precious water is and leaves the audience to make that choice. There is no solution in this short film. But, it should, hopefully make the audience no longer a mute spectator, but rather a proactive water conserver.”

Raghunath explains that in the backdrop of this film, in a city like Bengaluru, the water crisis is inevitable. “From our end, we need to do our part. Once we take that first step, we can move towards tackling bigger issues. Let’s be practical in our homes first, then go outside and be activists.” Check out Precious Blue on


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