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Small is beautiful, and more so in embellishments. And nail art is one such fashionable art statement of modern times women seem to like more. It is no longer the simple application of nail polish on toe or finger nails but an advanced art form which many are willing to experiment with.

Though nail art may have gained popularity among models and celebs, the craze has hit the Temple Town now and many style-conscious youths can be seen sporting it.


Touted as the most versatile of all arts, it requires an extremely creative and wild imagination to form unique and exceptional designs.

“You can give that super cool yet stunning colourful look to your nails with various designs, ranging from simple dots to geometric designs, funky stickers to tattoos, art to portraits and stones and beads. If you are party frequenter, there can be no better choice than to jazz your nails suiting your party outfit,” says V. Athilakshmi, a beautician and nail artist.

The simple and striking nail tips with just a small white or light-coloured coat are a preferred choice. Some also go in for a two or three colour finish.

“Shining nails are surely attention grabbers. If you are worried about not having natural nails, brilliantly exotic nail extensions are also available,” she informs.

Though nail art is a big hit with all categories of women in big metros, here it is mostly the college going students or young mothers, notes Athilakshmi.

But more people have now begun to realise that hands and feet too are an important part of creating the first impression, she adds.

Gaining popularity

When she introduced nail art in her beauty salon two years ago, there were hardly any or very few takers. Only few bridal clients accepted it as part of the bridal package.

Over a period of time, the news of her art spread through the word of mouth and impulsive college girls wanting to flaunt their nails, began to come to her.

“I like decking up and am regular in pedicure and manicure. When I came to know about nail art, I went for it, experimenting with light floral, glitters and stones,” says M. Pavithra, a postgraduate student.

Sharmila, private bank officer prefers light-coloured floral designs that suit most of her dresses. As the design stays for over a fortnight, she again carefully chooses her colours and designs so as to match with the next fortnight’s wardrobe.

Deepa and her friends try their hands at matching star signs. “It is and also looks very different. When my friends started enquiring about the new nail art concept, I used to often boast about my choice of designs,” she twinkles.

Though, not really a rage in that sense, Athilakshmi is confident that more people will take to it and not only to make a style statement.

“Nail art can help people who have nail-biting habit or people will love the layer of clean, healthy nails.”

Concurs Parvatham, mother of an 11 year-old, who chose nail art for her daughter to wean her off from nail-biting habit. And it worked, she wows.

Those who go for nail art don’t find the service too pocket-pinching either. It costs between Rs.100 to Rs.500 depending on the design, colours and items chosen.

Take the case of Ramadevi, who finishes off pedicure and manicure at home and comes to the salon for nail art designs. She is very particular about choosing the colour herself and mostly goes for tattoo-like flower designs. She feels glitters and stones go better with a party wear and not regular use.

“Instead of colouring the nails with nail polish, I prefer a design and few combinations of colours and a topcoat that lasts for three weeks and does not look clumsy either,” she says.

Nail extensions are, however, not so popular yet among the youths, points out Athilakshmi. “People feel it may slip off when you least expect them to or it may look odd. But, the latest acrylic or gel nails are reliable, aesthetic and last for two to three months,” she says.

With the city working towards a metro look, worshippers of fashion are busy conjuring up nouveau ideas on how to be trendy. And, nail art is certainly not to be missed while counting.

So, go on and flaunt your nails. Experiment with the exotic variants and experience the difference.

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