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On a regular basis if one observes foamy urine and also has a tendency to develop swelling over the body especially the feet, abdomen, hands and the face it could be due to loss of protein in the urine and that is called as Proteinuria.

Proteins or more importantly a type of protein i.e. albumin are the building blocks of the body including the bones, muscles even the nails and hair. They are essential for the body as a reserve and rise to the occasion to protect the body from infections. Proteins also help the blood to clot and help balance the right amount of fluids to circulate in the body maintaining a delicate balance in the body.

The kidneys through which the blood passes through during circulation is purified of all the toxins and the useful and healthy proteins are retained. It is also a fact that the proteins pass along unhindered and escape the filter of the kidneys i.e. the glomeruli because they are large enough to remain.

This sensitive balance is upset on certain occasions when the glomeruli are affected and do not perform the requisite functions and there is a loss of protein. This condition is called Proteinuria or Albuminuria wherein the patient initially observes foamy urine.

The other symptom associated with it is Oedema, where the blood components cannot soak up enough fluid and it remains in the body tissues, appearing as aswelling. It follows the rule of gravity and thereby it is noticed more in the lower limbs to start with and later in the abdomen and hands. Not surprisingly it appears in the face especially on waking up; again due to gravity.

Proteinuria or the loss of protein through the urine is a precursor to the gradual loss kidney functioning. The usual suspects of the kidney to show a drop of function before entering the realm of Chronic Kidney disease are none but high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. In hypertension the functioning of kidneys is under stress leading to increased blood urea and Creatinine levels. Diabetes mellitus causes gradual impairment of the kidneys. Whether it is the insulin dependent diabetes or the non-insulin dependent they gradually wear away the cortical areas of the kidney to cause Chronic Kidney Disease.

If the measure is more than 30mg of albumin in the urine for every gram of creatinine then it can be termed as the same.

Diabetics and patients of hypertension should be on guard against this along withdiet control, lifestyle changes and medication.

Homeopathic medicine has an active role to play as a form of complementary medicine in acting with the other systems of medicine to keep the levels of sugar and blood pressure under accepted levels with certain remedies like Lycopodium, Calc carb, Kali mur, Apis mel, Apocyanum, Sulph, Arjuna, Rauwolfia, Gymnema etc.

Health queries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury:

I had an injury to the right knee while playing basketball eight months ago and was operated about a month later. Even after rehabilitation for six months there is pain and a clicking feeling in the knee joint and a repeat MRI showed that the ligament is yet to heal.


Ligament is thick band of tissue which binds bones together but does not have the luxury of as much blood circulation as the bone or the muscles and thereby healing takes that much longer. It seems to have happened in your case too but homeopathic medicines like Symphytum, Ruta, Phytolacca, Calc flour etc., help in hastening the healing even as they afford symptomatic relief for you right away. Consult a homoeopath.

Ear infection after air travel

I was having a cold while air travel three weeks ago and developed blocking of the ears ever since. Pain is still continuous.


The changes in air pressure during a flight must have made the cold worse in the sense that it could have also spread to the inside of the ear called as Otitis media. Homeopathic medicines like Pulsatilla, Sambucus, Kali mur would bail you out. Consult a homoeopath.

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