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They lift the spirits of Bengalureans and Goans with their show Fitness Hour, at 7.10 a.m. on Indigo 91.9. Zumba expert and fitness expert Shwetambari Shetty motivates listeners on fitness activities, while award-winning celebrity sports nutritionist Ryan Fernandoadvises on diet and nutrition. In a telephonic interview the lively radio jockeys speak about what fitness entails. “It is a combination of consistency in workout and eating right,” says Shwetambari, “With fitness, people come with the intention of losing weight. But it’s not primarily about weight loss. Just because someone is petite, it doesn’t mean they have stamina.”

Ryan, who worked with Aamir Khan on his bulky look for Dangal, adds that a thorough awareness of what you eat is essential. “We tend to make demons of certain foods and heroes of others. You have people say chocolates are good for anti-ageing and to get good sleep. But there are myths, facts and then there is smart nutrition. We want to propagate nutrition.”

For those who prefer taste over nutritious food, Ryan says they can develop a taste for bland beetroot or coarse brown rice, if they are open to being disciplined about it. “Brown rice releases sugar slower, so you consume lesser amount of brown rice than you do white rice. If you give it a try for 30 to 32 days, your mind will say brown rice isn’t all that bad.”

Shwetambari adds that fitness starts with taking that first step. “You don’t have to do an hour’s fitness. That is what we do through the radio show. We motivate people to get moving. Even if you walk or exercise for 15 minutes, that is good enough.” An increase in fitness apps, TV shows on fitness, and a radio show like Fitness Hour, Ryan believes, they help to bring people together and get them serious about fitness. “During my decade-long experience, I have seen human beings are by nature lazy when it comes to them doing things personally. You need to create a movement around fitness, which apps and Fitness Hour does. Once you do things in a group, it motivates you to continue.”

Ryan says our eating habits have worsened over the years because of our disposal income. “The fast food we order in at work has to be made tasty, so it is unnatural processed food that our parents and grandparents have never eaten!” Ryan speaks with confidence as he has counselled and consulted clients including wrestler Sushil Kumar, Robin Uthappa, Shikhar Dhawan, Harbhajan Singh, Praghyan Ojha, golfer Sharmila Nicollet, South Indian Film stars and CEOs. He vouches that celebrities look they way they do because of the hard work they put in. “Robin Uthappa was pudgy a few years ago. He has undergone a phenomenal transformation. Sushil Chinappa is trains for five to seven hours on the golf course. He is extremely disciplined in the gym. Even when I worked with Aamir, he was particular about his work out schedule. Despite being a celebrity, he doesn’t waste even a moment of his day.” We have reversed thyroid, adds Shwetambhari, for which eating right contributed 70 per cent. “With proper eating and workout. There have been people who have lost 10 kilos. But discipline is most important.”

They both agree that conducting a radio show is fun. “We have got messages from our listeners that they have been motivated to go to the gym!” concludes Shwetambari.

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