Game of Thrones: Winter setting in?


How has the latest season of Game of Thrones panned out? MetroPlus take a look at the first eight episodes of season six.

Game Of Thrones, currently on the last leg of its sixth season is a TV series like none other thus far – full of violence, drama, sleaze, political intrigue and more. If you are a fan and have not seen the latest season yet, I would put forward a spoiler alert at the very outset. The latest season started with a lot of promise and hope, since it was the first time that the TV series was going ahead of the books. There was excitement about the fate of Jon Snow, murdered in the last episode by his men at the Night’s watch, the threat posed by the GOT version of zombies; white walkers and more. This season has seemed to swing between a plot line, where many things happen at the same time, followed by passages where nothing much happens and the story just meanders along. The first set of episodes saw a lot of action, Jon Snow revived from the dead, a coup d’état in the desert lands of Dorne, where Ellaria Sand and her daughters murdered prince Doran Martell, his son, Trystane Martell and boldly declared that Dorne will go to war soon.

In King’s Landing, Jaime Lannister and his sister renew their bond. They swear to fight their enemies, while mourning the death of their daughter. In the meanwhile Ramsay Bolton goes on to murder his father, step mother and brother. Daenerys Stormborn manages to take over control of the Dothraki tribe and the Greyjoys face a rebellion among their own in the iron islands and it seemed that an unlikely alliance will unseat the crazed religious fanatics virtually running the affairs of the seven kingdoms. And of course, in one of the best shot sequences of the show, a much beloved character was killed.

However, the plotlines seem to have stuttered as the season has pulled along. The Dorne sequence has been forgotten by the makers and the audience alike, while Tyrion Lannister, whose wit and political acumen made him a favourite with the audience in seasons past has had nothing much to do the whole season, than make pointless deals at Meereen and drinking wine. Jaime Lannister is banished to the Riverlands winning castles for the Freys, while Arya Stark, after spending a season and a half trying to be no one has decided to head home. The white walker threat which Jon Snow raged against as the Commander of the Night’s watch also seems to have faded away for now, the Hodor murder notwithstanding.

It would seem that the makers are waiting for the books to catch up before making any drastic decisions. As characters go, nothing much has changed, Ramsay continues to be a psychopath, Jaime Lannister still seems torn between love for his sister and his personal belief system, while the Daenerys plotline resembles a fairy tale of sorts, where the queen battles all adversaries and emerges victorious. As the last episodes of the series come up soon, one would hope that great chase sequences and battles notwithstanding, the plot line of the series also moves towards some sort of a conclusion. It remains to be seen whether the next episodes- Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter make up for the stutter in the middle this season.

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