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Dr. Satish at his centre  

So many of us take our 20/20 vision for granted and I realised that when I met Dr. Satish Kumar. When Dr. Satish, a physiotherapist, took his son to the Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry, for exercises relating to vision improvement, he and his wife were impressed with the techniques used to relax and rejuvenate the eye muscles. So they and decided to open The School for Perfect Vision at Saibaba Colony, a few months ago. This centre runs with support from the centre at Auroville.

The waiting period for Auroville can take months, says Dr. Satish, and that is one reason why he opened his school here. More importantly, he believes that children need timely intervention for vision-related problems. He has formulated a specific pattern of exercises that one goes through at every session. A single session lasts for an hour or so and one has to go through 14 sessions without a break except on a Sunday. On that day, the exercises should be done at home. There is also an option of completing 14 sessions in a week with two classes a day.

I accompanied my son for 10 of his sessions (an adult should be present with a child under 16 years). The exercises involve moistening, relaxation , acupressure and strengthening techniques. It requires precision not only in execution but also in the number of repetitions. That’s one area where the child might need guidance and supervision.

Not many people know of this facility. Dr. Satish says that they don’t advertise. While some clients are sent on recommendation by doctors, others hear of it by word of mouth. They take only 30 people per programme and ensure that there are only five to six people at the centre at any given time. The maximum age limit to register for these sessions is 45 years.

There is a sense of calm in the manner in which the exercises are conducted. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the premises and neither is footwear. Pictures of the Mother and Shri Aurobindo, flowers and a soothing aroma of incense welcomes visitors.

Dr. Satish says that, depending on the extent of damage and stress on the eye, it is possible to be weaned off spectacles. The centre also provides free care for 10 under-privileged children. An all-women staff teach the exercises. The children move from straw mats to armchairs with soft pillows, as they go from one routine to the next. Any distractions and restlessness in the children is dealt with gently and the child is persuaded to continue.

Dr. Satish is willing to hold talks at schools and small community gatherings about the importance of safe guarding eyesight for people of all ages. This includes those with normal sight who can avoid cataracts and glaucoma in later years through simple exercises.

The School for Perfect Vision

11/4 Bharathi Park Cross Road, Saibaba colony,

Phone: 7094333000

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