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Veteran Chef G. Sultan Mohideen has written many books and is a popular name on cookery shows as well.   | Photo Credit: 24dmcchef.jpg

Paneer tikka is very popular in Delhi. An enduring favourite among starters, it is one of the most saleable dishes across all restaurants.To make the master dish more popular on a global platform, Kwality groups corporate Chef G. Sultan Mohideen attempted to make a gigantic paneer tikka and hopes to qualify for a Guinness World Record for the biggest paneer tikka ever made.

Chef Sultan, a veteran in the industry, has written many books and is a popular name on cookery shows as well.

“Everybody tries to make big cakes, huge pizzas but why not our Indian delicacy which is almost a staple in every household. My attempt will create an image around the world with dignity and pride. I will be successful if I am able to motivate other young Indian chefs to go for the world records,” he said.

Chef Sultan started the trials a month back and after experimenting twice, he got the equipments customised according to his need.

A custom-made tandoor with a diameter of four feet, hollow skewers so that the heat passes through them, pulley to lift the huge 72 kg single block of paneer tikka and syringes to inject the marinade in the block.

To make the 72 kg block of paneer around 600 litre milk was compressed. Chef Sultan started in the afternoon in the presence of a jury consisting of a magistrate, an inspector of weights and measures and well regarded Chef Sudhir Sibal of ITDC. The chef divided the marination process into two stages.

First, while the paneer block was made, he added some spices in the whey of milk casins to create a flavour in the paneer block during the production stage itself.

At the second stage he made a yoghurt based spices marinade as per his recipe and evenly rubbed on top of the gigantic paneer block on all sides.

The same marinade was injected inside the paneer block to give it flavours internally.

This process facilitated the paneer marination fully. After that, the chef kept the paneer in the marinade for 6 hours.

After all these processes, now was the time to put the huge block for cooking in the tandoor filled with 50 kg of charcoal.

Using a pulley, the tikka was lifted and cooked for half an hour in two steps.

The perfectly cooked tikka was cut into 1702 pieces and served to all the enthusiastic foodies witnessing the attempt for the Guinness World Record.

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