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Chocolate Volcano and Lemongrass creme brulee Photo: Hari Shanker R.   | Photo Credit: Hari Shanker R.

The cuisine of Asia is as wide and diverse as the continent itself. For many, Asian delicacies are synonymous to quintessential Chinese dishes such as fried rice, noodles and chilli chicken. However, there is an entire palette of Thai, Malay, Korean, Indonesian and Japanese dishes, which are just as delectable as their Chinese counterparts. The ongoing Pan Asian Food Festival at Hotel Residency Tower, Statue, is an attempt to woo the taste buds of food lovers in the capital city with a platter of exquisite Asian delicacies.

“We have brought in a neat assortment of unique Asian dishes for the fete,” says Sanoj S., executive chef at Hotel Residency Tower. “To ensure the authenticity of our Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese dishes, we have gone to the extent of using imported sauces and local cooking techniques. A lot of research and homework has gone into each dish, to ensure that our guests have a truly international culinary experience,” he adds.

I make myself comfortable at the windy rooftop restaurant in the hotel, poring over the menu, which leaves me at a loss for choice. What bowled me over was the sheer variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. For the starters, there were delicacies such ‘The exotic Japanese Chicken Dumpling’ (pan fried chicken dumpling served with Shumai sauce and sweet chilli sauce), ‘Prawns Dynamite’ (prawns tossed with Sriracha-mayo sauce) and ‘Wok tossed corn chilli Pepper’ (fresh baby corn cigars tossed with chillies and pepper), to name a few.

The assortment of dishes for main course was even better. Some of the dishes that I could not help but notice, were the ‘Phad Thai Hawker Noodles’ (traditional flat Thai noodles tossed with peanuts, sprouts and cayenne pepper flakes), ‘Roti Canai’ (Malaysian bread made of margarine, milk and flour) and the ‘Japanese Hibachi Fried Rice’ (fried rice tossed with olive oil and other ingredients), ‘Roast Lamb in Hoisin Orange Glaze’ (Chinese roasted lamb with orange glaze), ‘Teriyaki Glazed Chicken’ (chicken marinated with teriyaki sauce and served with lettuce spicy mayo, cucumber and shichimi) and ‘Exotic Vegetables in Korean Sauce’ (mixed Vegetables and bell Peppers stir fried with Korean sauce).

I started off with the Malaysian Laksa – a tangy noodle soup, and ordered a Japanese Chicken Dumpling, also known as a Gyoza, which easily turned out to be my pick for the evening. Similar to the Chinese Dim Sum, the dish appeared quite dainty on the plate and proved to be delicious. The thin skin wrapping tears open to reveal tasty chicken fillings, which were quite flavoursome and juicy. It took me quite a bit of practised self-control to not order another helping of the dish, for I had to keep my tummy ready for the main course!

The main course did not disappoint either. The Phad Thai Noodles was memorable perhaps due to its unique fusion of Thai and Chinese cuisines. I had tasted the Malaysian dish Roti Canai earlier at a Kuala Lumpur restaurant. I was surprised to find that Residency Tower version of the dish maintained the same texture and taste. It did prove to be a tad heavy, though. While the highlight of Roast Lamb in Hoisin Orange Glaze was its plentiful and juicy meatballs, ‘Exotic Vegetables in Korean Sauce’ is worth mentioning for its rich taste.

My dessert – the ‘Chocolate Volcano’ (a dark chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream) was a fitting conclusion to a truly pan-Asian culinary trip.

The fete is on till December 13, from 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. Contact 0471-2331661, 9847072050

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