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Dahi vada are a must during ramzan.Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam  

Ramzan main kaun bade (Who is big in Ramzan)? ‘Dahi-vade’, so goes the line. This time- tested cliché holds good even to this day. Come Ramzan and the yummy dahi vada is a must, no matter what the other delicacies present on the dastarkhwan. It’s an all-time favourite for iftar, among a whole lot of eatables that have hit the Hyderabad streets.

Haleem is supposed to be the dish of the season but the South Indian tiffins like idli, dosa are giving it tough competition this time. Wonder what idli-dosa are doing in Ramzan? At scores of places in the city, particularly the puran shahr (Old City), eateries selling idli, dosa have mushroomed. They start functioning from around 9 pm till the wee hours of the night. After breaking the fast and partaking dinner, many persons are seen flocking to these makeshift stalls dealing in South Indian fare. Interestingly, they remain shut during the day time.

“Business is very good. Many people want to try something light and they come here,” says Raju, who operates a stall at Nampally.

Qahwa, the Arabian beverage, is another brew that is in demand during Ramzan. ‘Al-Qahwa’ as it is called, is made from coffee beans traditionally roasted at home and often served with dates. A dash of saffron, cloves and cinnamon is added for flavour. It is usually served in small handle-less cups called ‘fenjan’. Till recently it was found only in Barkas, where a large number of Yeminis reside. But during Ramzan the Arabic drink, costing Rs. 10 to Rs. 20, finds favour with the rozadars.

As Ramzan advances, the city streets present a voyage of flavours that whet the appetite and leave the taste buds tingling. If you think only the big restaurants are making a killing you are mistaken. The street vendors are raking in the moolah like never before. Most of them function only at night and pack up later. Sample sheekh kebab, sink your teeth into tandoori chicken, relish dum ka murgh, partake the Arabian shawarama or simply slurp haleem – all on the roadside. Some eateries also offer khichdi-kheema-khatta for sahr, the pre-dawn meal. All that for just Rs. 30 a plate.

Eating on the roadside sure makes sense. It works out cheaper and saves a lot of time.

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