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The evening is young, the air is cooler and there is a reason to celebrate. So, hang out on the edge of Necklace road at People’s Plaza and let the aromas of the fries, masalas, savouries, haleem and curries spruce up your appetite. Well, as you saunter towards the bajji stall, take in the sight and the sound! Listen to the crackling sound of the bajjis as they float and fluff up in the piping hot oil and gradually turn light brown. The appetite by now will be at its peak. But go slow because there are more than 12 stalls to check out and select your choice of food.

After stashing the disposable plates in the bin from the bajji, it’s time for a recce. Grab a sandwich in between and keep walking. The haleem at Sarvi’s stall will make your mouth water, but don’t take that yet, unless you plan to be back to the fest another day to try the rest of the food on offer. Haleem will satiate every bit of your appetite and will not let you try anything else.

And it’ not just anything. There are a whole lot of dishes to try from the various speciality stalls. Speciality here is anything that’s filled with the Telangana flavour. Besides stalls from different outlets from the city, there are individual stalls selling food with the speciality tag.

‘Sreedevi Telangana Pindi Vantalu’ is a crowd puller. Her stall has a variety of savouries from millets. Also to be sampled is her jonna roti, makka roti, sarva pindi attus and many more. Her chakinalu, murkulu and chakelu packets are being picked up by most of the food lovers. Pick them up and savour them at home with a cup of coffee or tea. Make an attempt to try the laddoos at the stall too.

Moving away from savouries to snacks, there is a sandwich stall, not truly Telangana but give it a try if bajjis don’t appeal to you as a snack. Don’t strain your eyes in search of biryani, just follow the aroma, your search ends.

Stalls from Bhongir and Narketpally are two of the out of city food stalls. The owner of Riveria food stall, which is run under the name of the restaurant at Bhongir is happy with the walk-ins and says “I have ventured out for a food fest for the first time and I am happy. People are appreciating our jonna-gatka, jonna roti and the natukodi curry. Since we have limited space we prepare the food in our restaurant at Bhongir and transport it with a lot of care to the venue. We are bringing limited stock so as not to waste food.”

The fest in all totality isn’t just selling biryanis but is making a modest attempt to showcase the variety it has to offer under one roof. Try and be there to catch the fireworks. The pleasure of watching something spectacular while relishing good food is a celebration in itself.

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