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You know you’re a ‘fashion girl’ if you love clothes, shoes, bags, the lifestyle — from the extravagance of the parties and Instagram pouts to the latest runway shows, and everything in between. So, what keeps these fashion girls going? Here are some pointers.

Instagram etiquette

Your etiquette on Instagram is of utmost importance if you belong to the style set — it’s never acceptable to be rude, shady, or just outright mean on the social media platform. That said, there are no hard-and-fast rules about likes for likes, follows for follows. Curate your feed to keep it realistic.

Shattered screen

We’ve all been there — one unfortunate drop, and your phone screen looks like a mirror in front of Snow White’s Evil Queen. If this happens to you, your priority becomes fixing that screen as soon as humanly possible. A cracked phone screen looks unprofessional.

Be kind and professional

In fashion, the importance of being kind and professional at all times cannot be overstated. You never know who is watching, and when people in the fashion community act poorly in public, there’s always a social media troll that follows; you could do without that.

Don’t brag

Understated or in your face, a brag is a brag. Slipping in subtleties whilst cribbing is just as annoying. No one wants to listen to it. Good example: “I sat next to the most annoying guy in first class yesterday!” Eradicate these from your vernacular.

It’s not always about you

No one wants to be around someone who is full of himself or herself. It’s simply unpleasant — and, word spreads fast. It’s totally fine to think the world of yourself, but consider keeping some of that to yourself. Confidence is key, but over-confidence is dangerous.

Express yourself

If you want something, just ask for it — most of the time, you’ll get it. And even if you don’t, at least you can be at peace with yourself knowing you expressed your desires.

Smile a lot

In the fashion world, seeing a person with a permanent scowl on her face is (sadly) a normal occurrence. Instead, stand out from the crowd by smiling at passers-by, strangers in the crowd, and literally everyone you come across. Smiling at others makes them feel good and encourages them to remember you — and (bonus!) it actually makes you feel better, too.

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