Unity is the reality

Kailash Mudhra: A practical tool to be a channel of harmony.  

This World Yoga Day is a beautiful day to remind us of what we need to remember every day. It is a day to focus on that which is truly important and to prioritise our higher selves. This day reminds us of the unity that is the reality. Yoga comes from the root word yuj, which means union. We need to allow this beautiful union or wholesome communion by allowing all the instruments in the symphony of our lives to play in harmony. This we can do by practising the yama, niyama, which are the foundation principles of seeing our relationship with the world and ourselves. These are not rules set in stone in the yoga sutras, but concepts to be contemplated, absorbed, executed (on a physical, emotional and mental level) and refined. Just as a master musician hones his craft, we also hone our capacity to live with ourselves and therefore live life. Unfortunately, most relate yoga to only asana or posture and we need to learn to differentiate between the form and the essence.

Just like the word ‘yoga’ or ‘natural’ does not mean anything these days, the form or word does not represent the essence. Though the packaging is getting better and better, we need to see if it holds the essence. However, this does not mean one neglects the form either. Real Asana is a way of using the form and sensitising it to fully channel and embody the essence of yoga.  The asana or pose needs to be used to get into the body while most just use the body to get into the pose. One is not trying to push or prove; one is simply present to the energy, the body and its needs. Like a parent taking care of a child we re-parent the body, emotions and mind into healthier karmic patterns and then rise above them. This allows us the space to become a channel of yoga.

We become channels of love, peace and harmony. We stand up for what is right and channel our anger and emotions towards dismantling the unnecessary, laying better foundations and building better structures. We channel more of our power and potential each day. We intend and channel the truth ( sath), consciousness ( chith) and the bliss of the infinite ( anandham) this day and on all days.


Mountains are revered in many cultures as they denote connecting to the divine or universal consciousness. Mount Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, South India, is considered sacred as is Mount Kailash in the north. They are said to be the abode of Shiva. Shiva represents consciousness and what better day than World Yoga Day to remember to become more conscious. One of my students in Vancouver was talking about a narcissistic friend who invited her for a yearly event. When my student said she had been to the earlier one with her, she had no memory of it. In fact she had even been very rude to my student at that event. Sometimes people are so blind to their own unconscious play that they do not even remember when they harm or hurt someone else. The more conscious we become the more aware we are of our own feelings and how we impact others and the world. The more conscious we become, the more we can feel the impact of foods, words, people, energies and life on us and vice versa. Then we can stop the harm or himsa to ourselves and others before it becomes very grave. We cultivate the capacity to nip things in the bud and rise above our mistakes. The more we prioritise becoming conscious, like in any other area, the more the progress. So let us make this our priority, every moment of our lives and tune into the shruthi (vibration) of harmony.  

A practical tool to be a channel of harmony:

Place your palms together on top of your head. Then open your palms slightly with fingers still together and be present to the sensations on your head and palms for three minutes. You can do this lying down as well. Start and end your day doing this.

Yogacharini Maitreyi builds evolutionaries and trains Arkaya Yoga teachers and healers around the world. She also runs a foundation for children living in the slums.,

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