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The samakatha asana.  

Water is connected with emotions and the moon. Its imbalance can make our emotions unregulated. It is the element that governs the second chakra or Swadhishthana. This chakra (energy wheel or vortex) is in our pranic (energy) body where a lot of energy pathways converge, similar to the many wires that converge in an electrical circuit.

The physical point in the body connected to the second chakra is the navel centre. We were floating in the amniotic fluid in our mother’s womb connected through the umbilical cord. We were in a sea of nurturance. Not only did we absorb the nutrition provided by our mother but also the emotions that she felt. That is why in India folk wisdom insists on giving a pregnant woman all she asks for and keeping her happy as it will affect the baby as well. In Ayurveda, water and earth elements constitute kapha, which is the body’s foundation or building blocks. This healthy kapha is needed for re-generation and re-building and ojas (vital energy). It keeps us youthful, vibrant and our skin soft and supple.

We are over 70 per cent water and need to be mindful of hydrating ourselves enough. Dehydration can cause a whole list of ailments, right from obesity to depression to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Water therapy is drinking around one litre of warm water on waking up and is a good way to flush toxins out of the colon and improve metabolism. Water is very important for purifying and detoxifying the system. If plain water is not palatable, then drink a glass of warm water to which a tinge of lemon has been added after you have brushed your teeth. In India we have an abundance of tender coconut water as well, which provides us with natural electrolytes. Avoid commercial health drinks to which a lot of sugar is added. It only further spikes your blood sugar. Like coffee, this is addictive and harmful in the long run.

May this New Year be one where you are always nourished and filled with vibrant emotions and ease.

Varuna Mudra

In school, I remember the little finger or pinky would be used to denote affection towards someone. We would make promises and touch each other’s pinky to re-establish friendship. This is the finger related to the water element and emotions.

Sit in the samakatha asana. The right knee should be right above the left knee. If your hips are not flexible you may not be able to get this exact alignment. Touch the tip of your little finger with your thumb. Practice this for 20 minutes and use it as a meditative device as well. You can also use it in shorter intervals or 45 minutes if you have the time. We do not want to suppress emotions due to cultural or familial conditioning, but channel them properly and find a healthy release.

Often boys are asked not to cry or show pain and tend to suppress their grief. This solidifies in the physical body, causing panic or energy blocks and heaviness and, in the long term, causes many diseases. We do not want to be weighed down by our emotions but express them in healthy ways. This will make us lighter and help us float through life.

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