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In the news: Paul Ryan.

In the news: Paul Ryan.  


1. Who set the first world record in the track and field events at the London Olympics?

2. How many chemical elements make up the rare earth metals?

3. How did Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan make news recently?

4. Which conqueror was called the ‘Scourge of God’?

5. Which is the only vowel found on the second row of alphabets on a standard keyboard?

6. Which famous band’s 12th and final studio album was called “Let It Be”?

7. Which two future U.S. presidents were among the signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence?

8. In Norse myth, how many legs did the horse Sleipnir have?

9. Naira is the currency of which African nation?

10. In Eggs Florentine, which vegetable normally substitutes for ham?

11. In the evergreen favourite “Sholay”, who played the role of the armless Thakur Baldev Singh?

12. What was Sir Francis Drake’s ship “Golden Hind”, that circumnavigated the world, originally called?

13. Who asked the famous literary riddle “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

14. Which animal makes the longest migration in the world?

15. Entomophily is common in nature. What is it?

Answers: 1. David Rudisha in the men’s 800m; 2. 17; 3. He has been named the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate; 4. Attila the Hun; 5. A; 6. The Beatles; 7. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams; 8. Eight; 9. Nigeria; 10. Spinach; 11. Sanjeev Kumar; 12. Pelican; 13. The Hatter in Alice in Wonderland; 14. Arctic Tern; 15. Pollination by insects.

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