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1. Name the currency used in many countries that gets its name from the Spanish for weight.

2. Name the petroleum major that has agreed to pay a whopping $7.8 billion to plaintiffs affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

3. Who was the third woman to get the Bharat Ratna?

4. Who is set to be the President of the world's largest country for the third time?

5. In which Asian Capital city is the Shwedagon Pagoda?

6. On whose work is the recently-released animated blockbuster “The Lorax” based?

7. What are the names for the first and second numbers in a blood pressure reading?

8. On March 5, the app “Where's My Water? Free”, downloaded by China's Chunli Fu, marked a milestone for Apple. How?

9. In particle physics, what is a meson made of?

10. Name the composer of such evergreen melodies like “Chaudvin Ka Chand” and “Baar Baar Dekho” who passed away recently.

11. In English language, what are reflexive pronouns?

12. According to Forbes magazine's annual ranking, who is the richest Indian in the world?

13. Between which years was the American Civil War fought?

14. What does the exhibition “Lux in Arcana” in Rome, scheduled till September 2012, showcase?

15. Which element's atomic number is this question number?

Answers: 1. Peso; 2. BP p.l.c; 3. Aruna Asaf Ali; 4. Vladimir Putin; 5. Yangon; 6. Dr. Seuss; 7. Systolic and Diastolic; 8. It is the official 25th billionth apps download from Apple's iTunes store; 9. It is composed of one quark and one antiquark; 10. Ravi; 11. Pronouns that refer back to the subject of the sentence and always have 'self'/selves attached; 12. Mukesh Ambani; 13.1861 and 1865; 14. Original documents from the Vatican Archives; 15. Phosphorus.

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